Pale Pink Owners....

  1. It has been a year after the release of pale pink bbag. How does your pale pink bbag look? Is the yellowing of the bag getting worse? Anyone who uses the bag regularly & still be able to maintain the pale pink color? Lastly, do you recommend this color? Thanks! :yes:
  2. I've had my pale rose day for 5 months and it's still sitting in my closet. Waiting for a nice spring day to take her out. I'm a little nervous the color will change but hope it doesn't I really love it.
  3. I have a pale rose 06 first which I used extensively last summer. I tend to be a serial purse monogamist so I used it almost every single day for about 4 months. It is a little dirty looking but not yellowed. Still confused by what to clean it with--everyone has their own special combo of products...

  4. Thanks! That's good to hear your pale rose didn't yellow yet with daily use. You can do a search in this forum...there are a lot of experts advices on how & what to use to clean it. :yes: Good luck!
  5. I like pink but always steered clear of the pink because I thought they turn yellow and fleshy looking.
  6. some of them really do look bad as the one that was on eBay like 2 days ago, but my pale rose city was worn to death and she hasnt paled or yellowed AT ALL ! :yahoo: hence a brand new pale rose weekender sitting next to me now ...:heart:
  7. Wow....I guess it may depend on the lot of pale pink bags! You are lucky to have a perfect one. ;)