Pale Pink. Has anyone seen anything on sale?

  1. :heart: I've decided I MUST have a pale pink bag. Yes, I know about the yellowing but I really want one. If anyone has seen or does see a pale pink bag on sale pls let me know. I'd take a first, city, shoulder, purse, twiggy or day. Thanks!:yes:
  2. wasn't there a day on eBay?
  3. I just looked and didn't see anyting. let me look again
  4. oops, it's a pink metallic. Sorry.
  5. There was a pale pink purse last night. The listing was near the metallic.
  6. Last time I check with cult status, they have pale pink in box, purse and day styles. I really want to get one but not too keen on potential yellowing issue....unless I can get a preloved one on eBay. But some PFer mentioned that they don't have such problems with their pale pink bags. :shrugs:

  7. Wher is Cult Status? How can I contact them? Thanks
  8. I just called the store MIX in Houston..they said they have the box in pale pink but told me the price was $ they mark up their bags that much..I thought that bag was $995
  9. It's not the "box" bag. It's the hook box bag
  10. Oh..I didn't hear her say hook. Thanks
  11. WQhat
  12. NP I called there about an hour ago
  13. Whoops..sorry about that..what does the box hook look like?
  14. It's this one all the way to the left (show here in white)