pale pink BOX(?!?) BIN $499.99 HURRY!

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  1. Careful it says the strap is MISSING!
  2. Ack I want it! Is it definately authentic?
  3. yeah i noticed that too... thanks for reminding me catcat

    strap missing!!
  4. Someone got it (lucky too) but what's with the strap missing? Its definitely real - I had one exactly like that. someone got a deal - great color (even if it fades - )
  5. aww man!! I always get here to late when this happens!! :cry: that sucks! Ive been wanting a pale pink, and I love the box.. ok, I'm depressed now.
  6. Sorry frostedbetty...I couldn't make up my mind so I missed out too.

    Congrats to whoever got it!
  7. so sad... :cry:
  8. aww.. there will be next time~~... for sure for sure!! congrats to whoever got it!!
  9. wow that was super fast! congrats to whoever got it!
  10. Aw, that one was so nice. Congrats to whoever got it.
  11. Great deal!