Pale pink Box $399 BIN w/ Free SH

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  1. its gone now!
  2. i think my coworker got it! i am out of town this wkd, but she texted me and said she thought she was going to get it since when it had gone off ebay last nite she realized how badly she wanted it. i haven't talked to her today but i hope it's her. i can't wait to touch that beauty!
  3. ok had I seen this earlier I totally would have bought it.. that sux
  4. We-ell, there is no mirror or strap, and the handles have been refinished – I would not touch a refinished Bbag at any price
  5. urgh! I missed out on it again!!! noooooo, I have extremely bad luck haha!

    congrats to the lucky winner!
  6. tears... but i have to agree with roxane. i am becoming more picky with my bbags if i want to spend a good chunka change, it's going to be one something in good condition.
  7. meh, that was nothing much to pay... I dont use my strap on my box and have it taken off cause it looks silly on it hanging. And for the price i would have sent it out to lmb to get it refinished anyways.. I would have bought it and put the time in.. *sigh* maybe again i will find a pale pink box for cheap.. that Im willing to put the time and luv in for.. :yes:
  8. hee hee if my coworker did get it, it would be her first bbag and she just liked how the bag looked, not that it was a bbag. (lol sacrilege!) she likes the leather on the bbags, and she loves pink. so she didn't care about the strap and mirror and stuff. i hope it was her, i won't see her til monday!
  9. ^I hope your co-worker got it Marae! That bag actually looks very nice to me! Such a good deal.
  10. YAY! I just got a text from my coworker (who is on vacation this week) and she said she got the bag and it comes Monday!!! I am sooo jazzed for her...the funniest part is that when I got my b-bag fever going on she thought I was absolutely CRAZEEE. Just a month later and she's buying one!! It just takes one. Mwahahha. :devil:
  11. ^Hahaha YES! I'm glad she got it!
  12. yay!
  13. YAY...Marae's coworker got it!! :yahoo:
  14. Please welcome her over to the DARK SIDE on my behalf!!! nothing like company in addiction... :smile: