Pale Pink Balenciaga

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  1. Hi all,
    I ended up getting this B-Bag off Rozz on Ebay as the other bag I had on order with her couldn't be gotten. I am sure of the authenticity of her items but never see any posts on the forum about this colour. Is it unpopular? I chose it because I really like pink.:shame:
  2. Sorry, pic didn't work. Will try again.:shame:
    pink balenciaga.JPG
  3. I don't know much about B-Bag but that is a beautiful color !

  4. Ohhh it's BEAUTIFUL:love::love:!!! Is that the 06 pale rose color? Congrats slayer!!! The city is great size, and since you love pink, you would love the bag!
  5. pretty, i like that color a lot. it's the perfect summer color bag.
  6. Thank you:biggrin:
    Yes, it is an 06 bag.
    I don 't know much about Balenciaga, this is my first one but I love their leather.:love:
  7. It is a really nice pale color...enjoy!
  8. Its beatuiful! Congrats!!
  9. I love it!!! I think the color was called rosa. (I may be wrong...) I actually wanted one for a long time but decided against it cuz I knew I'd get it all dirty ;) Congrats!!! It's a gorgeous color!!!
  10. beauuutiful :love:
  11. i love that color for summer! i bet it would look great with a crisp white tee!
  12. So cute! Love that color! :love: :love: :love:
  13. That is a gorgeous color! Perfect for this time of year! Congrats!
  14. thats a great colour! congrats!
  15. that's a very lovely pale rose!