Pale nude satin crystal 'Decolstrass' pump - what color IRL???

  1. Please help.....I am curious what the Decolstrass pump in pale nude looks like IRL? Are the shoes blush, cream, white, ivory, etc. Could they be a wedding shoe with an off white dress?

    THANKS fellow CL lovers. Glad I discovered this forum. :girlsigh:
  2. i've seen this before and it's like light cream color.. i bought the red one of this for my wedding too. ;)
  3. Thanks! Congrats on your wedding. I'm not getting married, my girlfriend is and she is trying to find a cool shoe that is off white/cream colored. I am helping in the search!!!
  4. I have these too, and to me they are more of a pale blush- but definitely in the pink family. I'm not sure they'd go with a cream dress.
  5. I thought so. Thanks smurfet.