Pale Magenta Modeling Pics???

  1. Does anyone have any pale magenta modeling pics? I've been searching, but have not yet found any pics of pale magenta being modeled. I'm still debating whether this would be a good color for me, and I feel like sometimes the modeling pics really help to give a better perspective on the color.
  2. Hi CO, I have got a Pale Magenta and I'll try to take some modelling shots for you. It will have to be tomorrow afternoon as I'm stuck at work till night time today and don't have a camera on me at the moment.
  3. Thanks jo_ee!! I can't wait to see them!!!
  4. I think brunettetiger had posted a few pics of herself modeling pale magenta gsh city not too long ago.
  5. Thanks mintpearl! I searched for a while yesterday and could not find any - could you provide a link to BT's photos?
  6. I have to tell you.. i was absolutely in love w/pale magenta online- but i went in to the store to check it out...and walked out with petal pink instead!!! I thought i was more of a pale magenta girl... but once you see it irl... then you can really decide for yourself..

    Good luck!!
  7. jo_ee, thanks so much for the pics!! The pale magenta looks great on you!! And the bag!! All of that moistuizing you did really paid off!! The leather on your bag is amazing now!!
  8. bb10lue posted some modeling shots of her 08 Magenta :smile:
  9. Thank you for your kind words! No problem, happy I could help. :smile: So are you getting a Magenta too?
  10. Jo, Pale Magenta looks Gorgeous on you. :drool: Now you are making me want this over Bubblegum. :girlsigh:
  11. I'm leaning toward a city, or possibly a work - still trying to decide on the hardware, though - I originally thought RH, but now I think that SGH might be nice as well! So many options, and I'm so indecisive as it is!!