Pale Magenta/ BG Pink Xmas surprise! Plus many many pics! *Extremely picture heavy*

  1. Hello fellow bbag lovers! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and ended up with lotsa goodies!

    For me, happiness came in the form of a fedex parcel delivered to my door after an interview *phew*...and it was my pale magenta city from AR.

    I missed the delivery for my BG first later that afternoon and i was quite upset as it meant i had to wait till the 27th to get it from the PO =( but nontheless i got both the magenta and BG and i have to say that i am quite disappointed with the magenta but in love with the BG.

    Magenta was dry but the leather was thick. It's also very veiny and the leather at the back of the bag was way better than the front. Disappointment. I moisturised and abused this bag for one day and it became squishier and alot more flexible, not so dry, and the colour deepened a hue. Think i will continue to moisturise it until i'm happy.

    The BG was a whole different story, lovely colour, lovely soft leather but it wasn't as strong as my chevre RV first. It scuffed at the back from the strap rubbing against the leather in a day!!!! No such thing with chevre!!!

    All in all i was happy wth my purchases as i have been waiting for pinks for 2 years and i had to get them regardless. I just wish balenciaga would improve their consistency and quality control and BRING BACK CHEVRE!!!!

    Anyway,onto pictures!:smile:
  2. Magenta

  3. BG Pink

  4. Comparison shots

  5. Some comparison shots between RV and BG firsts and collective girly colour shots

  6. More...


    Collective family shot (sadly, emerald and lilac are not here with me but with sis back home..)

  7. And lastly, just for fun, because i got snappy happy and just got new nautical themed sheets which matched my fave marine WE perfectly!

  8. OK that's it! Sorry for the massive photo overload but i can't stop taking pictures of bbags once i start! I know a few of you were waiting to see my pinks so there you go! I hope you all enjoy them!!!

  9. LOVE the BBG, girlfriend! I am with you on the Pale Magentas - so disappointed in the leather. The more I look at my Pale Magenta City the more P.O. I am. Why should I be moisturizing this bag 3x even before using it? I wish Bal had either cancelled the bag or delayed it or something instead of sending out these bags with terrible leather and defects (i.e. obvious ink or whatever black stains on the tassels). Ok getting off the soapbox now. LOVE your entire collection!!!!!
  10. Great collection:heart:!!! I got my 08 magenta this morning, but mine looks more distressed and a little darker than yours from those pics. I'll post pics*tmr~!!
  11. love the pics. The nautical is my fav!!
  12. wow! i love them both! congrats!
  13. love your whole collection!! congrats on ur new purchases!
  14. Actually i love your Magenta.:tup: You have a great collection. :jammin:Thanks for the pics.:flowers:
  15. Gorgeous collection, and your new 08's are beautiful!! Your magenta looks like it has really nice leather!!