Pale Gray or Pale Pink?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinking about getting a quilted affair and can't decide between pale gray or pale pink. Which do you think is better? Anyone own bags in these colors? How do you like them? I already have a swing in soft gray (if that makes any difference) but it looks much darker than the pale gray. Wonder if these lighter colors will be too high maintenance.
  2. Get it in pale pink! That's the colour I wanted to get from shopbop too! I have the quilted mini affair in sea glass and studded quilted mini affair in black cherry and I love them so much!!! Great size for a night out!!
  3. I just got the pale gray mini affair (my first RM purchase) and I love it! It goes with absolutely everything and will be great for the summer. It looks way more expensive than it is, the color is just beautiful.
  4. Nice! Do you have any pics you can post? Is it the same shade of gray as the medium affair? I'm looking at getting the larger one not the mini.
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    The color is called "pale gray" but I have no idea if it is the same as the larger one. I got mine from Nordstroms. It is definitely a lighter gray, not nearly as dark as the elephant gray.

    I like that it is lighter for the summer. I always want to buy a white bag for summer but am too scared of upkeep. This is a great alternative.

    The pale pink looks very pretty too. But I am just not a pastel person. :smile:

    I will try to post pics later.
  6. I would go with the grey...such a great neutral!
  7. Another vote for pale grey. I have been wanting to add a grey bag and recently bought a MAM in pale grey. I ended up buying a mini affair in the same color, which should arrive today. It's a gorgeous light neutral that I would wear year round.