Pale Gold Reissue

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone has a Pale Gold reissue? Some call it champagne
    Would u be so kind to share pictures here?

    I need help - to get a preloved one -- it's gorgeous but I have not seen the color in person.

    1. Is it a matte gold or metallic finish ?
    2. Which year is this gold reissue? 2012 or 2011
    3. What hardware is it?

    Thanks so much.
  2. Are you talking about this one? This is 226 and I believe it's from 2012.

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  3. Oh so gorgeous!! Now I'd love to have both!
  4. #4 Apr 27, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
    Thanks for chiming in.

    The resellier had this but it is now sold. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    This pale gold is a bit different from yours... it has gold hardware (from the pictures).

    Anyone has this pale gold can chime in.
    In case, a similar bag come up ..... i can immediately grab it.


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  5. Would the reseller have any info on the bag that might be of help to you? I mean the bag is already sold to someone else. The hardware on the reseller's bag looks silver.
  6. Is this the one you are looking for? Mine is a 225. Sorry I only have a picture of it together with a medium pearly beige. The finish is distressed calf whereas the one by the seller looks like lambskin to me?
    Though the colour is metallic, it's finish is not. It feels like the leather is dye in gold tone instead of having a metallic coat over it. Hope it doesn't sounds confusing. I have it for a few years and it still looks new. No rub off on corners, wears like the usual distressed calf. HTHs!

  7. OMG I freakin love it!

  8. Yes this one is close to the one the reseller had.
    I like yours too. Subtle gold with gold hardware. My cup of tea. Lol

    Thanks for sharing. Now I know I can hunt for this one too.
    I really like it. At least I know Chanel did release such a pale gold reissue before.
    The hunt begins