pale first loves

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help me choose a color for my first First :)

  1. white

  2. sandstone

  3. naturel

  4. other suggestions?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i've set my mind on a pale first. but the array of colors is overwhelming to me. can you help make up my mind? of course, i'd have to see IRL... but right now, i'm leaning towards white, naturel and sandstone. i wear a lot of black and grey and i have dark hair, if that helps... hope to hear from you soon :heart:
  2. I Think sandstone will be nice
  3. sandstone got my vote too :yes:
  4. sandstone :smile:
  5. ^ i agree!
  6. I love naturel!
  7. Mine was for Sandstone, its a lovely colour!!!
  8. sandstone is lookin pretty sweet to me right now. i could be convinced otherwise :jammin:
  9. naturel
  10. I love bright white and I think it will be a lovely spring bag :love:
  11. Sandstone gets my vote
  12. Naturel looks great in all the pics I have seen!
  13. Greige! It's just dark enough that scuffs don't show too much, but it's definitely light enough to be considered a light bag. This photo represents greige at its darkest.

  14. Hey I'm the only one so far who voted for the "Other suggestions". Since you wear a lot of grays, I would suggest a gray colored bag. =) Not that it has to perfectly match, but I think different shades of gray go better than say, beige with gray (beige being Sandstone, in my humble opinion).
  15. highglossfinish -- i know! i've seen your gorgeous greige...
    and i will admit that i'm worried about the color of the lighter leather...
    damn that's a hot purse!