Pale blue bow satchel in Singapore

  1. Before I forget,

    I did see a pale blue (very light) bow satchel at a store called On Pedder in Singapore. It's a high end boutique that sells a tightly edited selection of designer shoes and purses.

    A very unusual color. I did consider getting it since I have decided to give my blush pink bow to my sister. However, my attention was diverted by the exciting arrival of a traditional lion's dance troupe to usher in the Chinese lunar new year at the store. I totally forgot until I saw pictures of our fellow TPFer's bows!

    I also saw the following colors at the Singapore Miu Miu store: Black, Talco, Brown, and Blush Pink. However, service at that store that I refused to purchase anything as reported in my previous post.

    If anybody has the pale blue bow, please post picts. The leather quality is very similar to that of the new resort collection. However, the brown bow was made of a thicker grain calfskin, not unlike the ivory version from last summer.

    It's always interesting to see the same purses in different colors and leathers!
  2. hi linpaddy,

    is the blush pink you saw the mughetto color? i called the singapore boutique earlier but they didn't mention this color at all. must have sold out :crybaby:
  3. i went there today.. to on pedder.. no bow satchels in sight.. they mustve completely sold out
  4. I saw this pale blue bow at On Pedder quite a few weeks back. Personally, I didnt like it. Thought it a very odd colour for a bag.
  5. Yup, that's the color. It's the same one that I have so I recongize it.
    Was it sold out already? If so, try your luck at the Taipei 101 store.
    Good Luck!
  6. Ohh, pale blue sounds interesting.
  7. Hi, the pale blue is still available at on pedder. i saw it last week. I bought the bow in llght brown. :tender: