Pale bags yellowing over time?

  1. Thanks to Grands Fonds, I know that white bags yellow with age. However would the same hold true for matte croc in an off-white color such as Poudre? Or how about the new Parchment Box? Even though it definitely has much more pigment, would it yellow w/ age as well? TIA!

    Btw, this was inspired by Croissant's post.
  2. HL....

    me again!

    No, I think you'd be OK with any of the other colours, the pure white is the only one you need to watch out for. The new parchment colour is lovely - saw a piece in it the other day in....Alaska. Gorgeous!

    Having said that, I STILL covet that white/toile birkin!
  3. ^^Ooh, may I ask, which piece? Not a Kelly by any chance?:nuts:
  4. nah...a LINDY!!!!!

    didn't like it.
  5. Thanks:smile:

    LOL! Ok wait, didn't like the colour (was it swift leather?) or the bag?
  6. LOVED the colour, didn't love the bag. I HAD to find out for myself once and for all if I really did like the Lindy or not. It seems not, but I can understand the appeal it has for others.

    Looks like I am forever a Himalaya Girl.
  7. LMAO!!! The Himalaya is an.... acquired.... taste.. Definitely.:roflmfao:

    The parchment Lindy, was that swift or clemence? Trying to figure out what leathers this colour will come in.
  8. oh! sorry, was swift......creamy!
  9. ^^MMmmm, sounds beautiful.
  10. Why da heck is everyone in Alaska?!? Lol - thanks for the update, GF!
  11. Seems like we've got to move up there! They have all the good stuff... As for your post, I had a white bag (not Hermes, sowwy) and it definitely turned an ugly shade of pee yellow overtime. About the off-whites and cream colours, they only get a little dirty, but have not noticed a change in the original shade. Again, these are NOT Hermes.