Palazzo print bags

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  1. Does anyone have any of these? There are a few listed on Eluxury. I love the design but none of the styles really interest me. This one eLUXURY - Fendi - Coated Zucca Palazzo Print Medium Tote fendi wouldn't be so bad but it also looks so cheap imho. But look at that design!! Oh i'm so conflicted.
  2. Selena has it!!She came over tonight..wearing it! I LOVED IT!! SO CUTE!
  3. I freaking love the tote and the speedy. I have both. The tote is SOOO Comfortable. Its functional too. You cant beat the price either. I get ALOT of stares when I wear mine out. Go for it girl!
  4. Oh and thanks for the shout out Jill!
  5. Really? It just looked kind of flat to me. I'll have to take your word for it! I'm not big on the speedy but I guess i'll go to the store and try it on!
  6. I think it looks different in pictures then RL> I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved it in the mail. The straps are nice and wide and really comfortable. The inside is all patent really durable. The only thing I do not like is it closes with velcro but really for $550 what more can you ask. Its all coated you can wear it in crappy weather.
    I dont regret it at all. I can really abuse it (I wont however!) and not worry.
    Just so you know. Neimans has the speedy style on sale for $595. Also free shipping with HOLIDAY code.
  7. NM has it on sale right now for under $600!
  8. I wanted to know if the gold handles and gold print fade eventually? I think that's the only i'm concerned about.
  9. I think EVERYTHING wears with time. I have $2K bags that show wear. It happens. IF you can snag it on sale your ahead of the game kwim?
    The Speedy style is the one that is onsale. The Tote that was originally asked about is NOT on sale. I guess its cheap enough! LOL
  10. I think you should go to the store and see them in person, but I think you would prefer the speedy style. You will wear it more than the tote.
  11. I thought I'd give myself a few hours to think about getting the speedy style, but now they're all GONE!!! :crybaby:
  12. It's a really cute bag, I have to say. Glad to know that it's comfortable too, Selena!
  13. same here... *there* there*
  14. love it ... u must go 4 it