Pajama Jeans...laugh or cry

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  1. I laughed! Can't say I see too much of a difference between these and Jeggings though, except the cut/fit and I LOVE jeggings, I really have room to be laughing? LOL
  2. Pajama jeans= wrong. So wrong!
  3. Oh yes, it looks just like those high end European designer jeans!:roflmfao:
  4. why...
  5. Lol
  6. this is beyond weird. i'd never buy any clothing you can 'buy over the phone' for $39.95, and receive a free t-shirt. no thanks. this idea is just too weird. i love my pjs and i love my jeans.. separate!
  7. ^ LOL.

    mom jeans much?
  8. So true. Leggings come to mind :smile:
  9. They are just ugly jeggings. I have a pair of jeggings and I love them. I would never wear them as pajama bottoms. I watched this video from an AOL link and I was stumped. What an odd way to market these things!
  10. Oh my god, it's bootcut jeggings.
  11. I first hated Sweatpants. then leggings. Then Jeggings. And now Pajeans.
  12. as if some people aren't lazy enough when it comes to dressing in public.. now this.
  13. cry profusely, interspersed with frequent wailing & gnashing of teeth

  14. It said no buttons or zippers. So, it has an elastic waistband, or a yoga pant style waistband? Either way, in the absence of zippers or buttons, it's not a jean!
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