Paiva -up to 75% off yoga & athletic wear (sneakers and bags too)

  1. Paiva is closing. Up to 75% off sneakers, athletic wear and bags.

    also 15% off code - 160016

  2. Thanks so much. I ordered shoes and some jog bras. The code is $15 off $100 or more.
  3. How perfect! My daughter and I are just about to start taking yoga. Any thoughts on what I should get? So many things look similar and since I'm not familiar with any of them I got a little overwhelmed. Thanks for posting.
  4. The yoga bag is nice for your mat. Also a lot of the yoga pants and shirts are good quality and comfortable.

    I ordered this bag:

    These pants:

    These shorts for Hatha Yoga (the room is very warm and you sweat a lot)

    And a couple of the tank shirts (for me and for birthday gifts for friends).

    Also I got a pair of Nike Shox.

    The $15 off $100 code was great and shipping is free.
  6. Thanks for posting. I got 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of pants & a few gifts.:tup:

    I used code 160017 and it worked for 15% off. :smile:

  7. Thanks for information- Off to figure out my order. What great timing!
  8. Has anyone gone in store to see if they're doing a similar sale? I like to try on clothes before buying just to make sure it fits well.
  9. Their website says it's in-store too. I guess they are closing all of their stores.
  10. yeah I walked by one in Chicago this weekend it was definitely having a big sale.

    I love paiva. which makes me happy that I can get stuff from them so cheap now, and not so happy that it's closing.
  11. ^^ thanks for the info. I figured since they're going out of sale that they'd be getting rid of everything in the store as fast as possible. Now I've to figure out the closest Paiva.
  12. Thanks for posting! I ran around all weekend looking for reasonable yoga gear. I love lululemon, but just ordered three pairs of yoga pants for the price of one pair from lululemon. I'm a happy camper.
  13. Yay, just placed my order. I had a yoga mat in my cart but it was gone when I went to check out. Still got a fantastic deal on 3 prs of yoga pants and a yoga bag. It didn't want to take the code at first so I started over and it took it. Thanks again!
  14. Whoa!! What great deals. Thanks!
  15. Has anyone gotten their order confirmation yet? I ordered this morning & still haven't gotten a confirmation. Just wondering if that was the case for everyone else.

    TIA :smile: