Paisleys New Bag!

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  1. I went to dillards and saw this one...quickly bought it.
    I guess I am fellin the coach loving now!

    I went to the coach online site, and they don't have it's number up (6279)SKHCH. So what year is it from?

    Never thought I would have a coach. But I like how huge this baby is!

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  2. This was from 2005 Fall Season - this time one year ago. I don't have that catalogue, but I am pretty sure that is when it was. I do have the winter 2005 catalogue and it isn't in there. There are some of them on Ebay right now, and I believe the serial number shows it is a 2005 bag. And this looks like a Fall style, not a winter style - but I could be wrong about that part. It could be from later in 2005, but more than likely from their Fall line.

    Hope this helps!!

    It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bag and I am sure will be very versatile....carry lots or a little :yes:
  3. Cute bag...I was trying to pull up some info on it but couldn't find any, sorry. Congrats & thanks for sharing.
  4. it's nice :smile:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. I have three of that bag. I have the black sig, the tan pebble leather, and a pink one my mom found at the outlet. I love that style!!! I saw the khaki sig this weekend while on vacation in Boston at L& T but since my husband was with me and it wasn't on sale I couldn't justify buying it. I had gotten a steal at a Marshalls the day before on another Coach purse.

    Love it though!
  7. Love it!
  8. I have the same bag. Khaki signature with White leather trim. I love it. I carry it around all summer. BTW, I live in Boston and I got the bag at Lord and Taylor with a 20% couple in the very beginning of the summer. Isn't that funny?
  9. actually it's the beginning of 2006. i remember because the smaller version of that color was a best seller for us.

    and the larger hobo sold out as well too

    now it's in the classic or signature section of the cbsr. i forget. you can still order it i believe

    but its a beautiful bag, good buy!
  10. Aww.. so cute, congrats !
  11. Yes it's from last years line, I got the smaller version of it as my first Coach piece as well, and I bought in the beginning of this year, however, I did see it's pic in the Look Book at the store. Enjoy! It's a great bag!! I love the Hobo style.
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