Pairing Vintage with Resort 2012

Nov 29, 2011
Alright folks, I have a dilemma. I have all of these new vintage pieces, and I want to wear them while I have the opportunity. I am looking for creative ways to pair really nice vintage clothing with resortwear from 2012. In 10 days, I will be heading to San Francisco, and then New Zealand, and then Tasmania, then Australia, then back to San Francisco. This is the perfect opportunity for me to wear my resort 2012 clothes, as it will be summer in most those places!

I recently bought some beautiful vintage pieces, however, and I need creative ideas on how to pair them with this season's trends.

I'll start with my St John yellow jacket I just bought. Pairing suggestions?



Jan 22, 2006
Nice color of St. Johns jacket. I don't really follow trends. A pair of denims is a fail-proof method. Since you'd be travelling, I was thinking of something comfy, easy to pack, not easily wrinkled and light-weight.

A summer dress in basic cream, crab-tones or clashing prints is apt for resort in any year. Basics are the best option since you can get a long mileage. Eg. Basic tees, basic light cotton sleeveless shirts, basic tops. Basic cotton pants paired with printed sleeveless tops will work well with the jacket.

Like-wise, if you're a lil' more adventurous, you can choose to opt a pair of printed pants with basic top.

Flowy short skirts like Thakoon below will add on to the resortish feeling.

Smart pairing of basic colors also means smart purchases if you want to save money and able to continue the pieces after Resort 2012.

What's left will be accessories. Go easy on accessories, maybe a funky statement ring to jazz up an otherwise basic look and a good functional bag for secure of personal belongings and to stuff any shopping finds.