Pairing Chanel Flap w/ work bag/briefcase

Sep 21, 2010
San Ramon, CA
Hi ladies!!

I was hoping for some input. I wish I could wear my Chanel Maxi Flap to work more often, but I carry way too much to fit in my Maxi, so I have to keep using my YSL Muse (which I don't mind, but I want to use Chanel too). I carry: 2 cosmetic bags (one for cosmetics, the other for other little things); wallet; iPad; change purse; sunglasses; phone; card case; gloves; keys; and other little things . . . I wish I could carry all that comfortably and not so "smashed in" in a roomy purse (the YSL Large Muse is getting pretty full, too full for my liking).

What stylish/classy work bag or briefcase do you pair with your Chanel (or other purse) during the work week when everything doesn't fit into one bag?

**MOD: This post was intended for the Chanel forum, but I accidentally posted this exact same threat in Hermes (the other forum I stalk) - I am NOT intending to duplicate the same thread in two different destinations. I didn't know how to delete the same post in Hermes.
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