Painting the Town Red - Nolia's CL Collection Thread

  1. :ty: Thank you for dropping by my thread!! :happydance:

  2. These look amazing on you Nolia!!!
    What a great summer shoe!!!
  3. Love them! I'm in Toronto as well, where did you buy them?? :smile:
  4. Thank you stilly!! Couldn't wait to break it out to wear. Kept them on yesterday for 4-5 hours standing. No problem!! =D

    eBay, hun. :smile:
  5. Update of my most recent looks. Straight from my Instagram!

    Outfit 1: H&M top and maxi slit skirt. Chanel WOC in GHW. Hermes Black Charmonix CDC in GHW. Shoes are Madame Butterfly Booties.

    Outfit 2: ASOS leather harness dress. Shoes are Mad Martas.

    Outfit 3: BCBGMaxazria pleated maxi skirt. ForeverXXI crop top. Hermes Enamel bracelets (black & gold Caleche, white & gold Balcon du Guadalquivir). Shoes are Alta Athena sandals.

    Outfit 4: Express shorts. Black blouse from Yesstyle. Celine Lipstick Micro Luggage Tote and Alta Athenas again!
    IMG_20140604_145342.jpg IMG_20140607_123816.jpg IMG_20140620_200903.jpg IMG_20140621_105737.jpg IMG_20140705_092853.jpg
  6. [​IMG] Nolia perfect as always !! [​IMG]
  7. Thank you, Danielle! :hugs:
  8. Wow!! I am blown away by this thread!! You look so beautiful and sexy in every picture :smile:)
  9. Nolia, You look Beautiful my friend
  10. Thank you for your kind comments!! :love:

  11. Amazing looks!
  12. :ty:
  13. I LOVE every pair in your collection! I'm on the hunt for my very first pair of CLs and looking for ideas/inspiration. Your collection just makes the decision even harder because everything is so beautiful! :lol:
  14. Love the instgram shots honey! Fab!
  15. Updating my thread with more recent outfit pics from my Instagram!!
    IMG_20140706_132836.jpg IMG_20140706_164049.jpg IMG_20141012_193546.jpg IMG_20141013_093737.jpg IMG_20141019_111742.jpg 2014-10-19-20-50-30_deco.jpg