Painting or Photograph?

  1. I think I'm having WAY too much fun with my art thread, but while I was looking for paintings it got me thinking: Would you rather be the subject of a painting or a photograph?

    Personally, I'd love the idea of being the subject of an oil painting.

    I know photgraphs can be done in an artistic way, and both the photograph and the painting have a chance to get into a museum, but the idea of a lushly colored oil painting is just so exciting.

    (And as long as I'm 'deciding' I'd love it if the artist painted me as Persephone . . . either when she's holding a pomegranate or when she's queen of the Underworld.)
  2. I would like to the subject of an oil painting too.
  3. I think there's something just so flattering about someone saying, "I'd like to paint you."
  4. I agree, but I don't think that I'd ever let anyone paint me because I know that they'll notice my flaw when they look long enough. I used to take art lessons, and even the most attractive subjects started to look not that good after I had looked at them for days. :p
  5. I like paintings.
  6. mmmm painting :yes:
  7. subject of painting. i wanna see someone paint me in an abstract way.
  8. Caitlin... first of all, props to you for coming up with some very interesting thread question/topics. :smile:

    I'd have to go with photograph. There's a certain romantic quality about a painting... but I like the realism of the photograph capturing an actual moment in time. :smile:
  9. i prefer photograph
  10. Thanks, EmilyK! I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts! I have fun coming up with them.
  11. It's nice to have something interesting to think about. Sometimes I ask my boyfriend the hypothetical questions you ask. :smile: Makes for good AIM conversations, as we have to be apart for a while longer yet. So thanks for the good conversation starters! ;)