Home & Garden Painted kitchen red--advice?????


Dec 27, 2005
:yahoo:After the removal of the hideous wallpaper and taking off the glue and then spending forever on removing the caulking on the baseboards (I swear they used shower calking--you could not paint over it and it was rubbery looking) I recaulked the baseboards and started to paint the kitchen red today. I did the ceiling white yesterday. I primed the walls first. So I painted and the walls did not look quite right but pretty. I let the paint dry and painted a second coat. The walls look great but not as perfect as I would like them to be. It probably is me because I seem to want to be a perfectionsit when I do a project and sometimes do more than needed.
A friend said she had to paint her dining room walls 5 times with red paint to get it perfect. I have no desire to do 5 coats of paint.....

So for those who have painted darker colors do you find you have to do more or do something different then you thought. I used a great green/envioronmentally safe paint with no fumes. I never had a problem with paint before and I have painted our houses for 20+ years. I love to paint.....

Anyone else doing some decorating now before the holidays?????
Next room is my dining room-have to remove the tan marble wallpaper (UGH) not a look one can live with.:nuts:


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Mar 25, 2007
Red is a bold color and a real personal choice...I've heard that reds and oranges stimulate the appetite, so it may be a good color for the kitchen.

We have a brick red in our front living area...it's a large room, and works well in the space. It took 2 coats to get the color we were looking for:



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Dec 27, 2005
Now that I took all the tape down from the baseboards and put the light socket covers on the wall and the table back in the room looks perfect. I guess seeing a empty room with the red walls was a bit "does this look good" moment. I love it. I used a pottery barn color called Calante and it is not too orange or blood red but a nice red. I am going for that pottery barn clean uncluttered look. A bit of french country thrown in but NO CLUTTER or country roosters in the kitchen LOL. I am going to sand my kitchen wood table tomorrow and prime it and paint it black and then put the clear paint over it. I know the look I want. I bought some new simple modern chairs in brown/black with silver legs from IKEA......The curtains are red background with a random floral print and I want to do black and white toile over the kitchen window. I have one black iron candle holder to put on one side of the sliding glass doors. Haven't thought of what to put on the walls. I don't have much wall so it has to be simple. I have some photography prints of shutters and small boats in the harbour from Italy which look nice, so I may try them.
I found the idea for my kitchen from rate my space. I typed in red walls kitchen and looked at quite a few of them. I found one with black and white toile curtains on their kitchen window and I said this was perfect. Need to find a rug for the wood floors under the kitchen table. Hopefully the rug store in town will have something. I am really happy I don't have to paint another coat of paint. This is the first time in my life I ever used a dark color in any room. I always had the shabby chic beach look with pastel or Florida Lily Pulitzer bright colors so this is a big change. I think my friends will be shocked when they see it because they all think I will never get rid of my shabby chic things. My friend took 7 large boxes of stuff back to Florida when she was here. It is great to unclutter and start fresh with a new direction. I will eventually post pictures when it is all done.

Couture addict---I love your room. This is the feel I am going for. Making a statement and clean lines.

Anyone else working on some decorating projects--please share.
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Jun 1, 2006
Congrats! I recently painted my home office which was insane asylum white flat paint walls from the previous owners into a cranberry red wall on the large window wall for accent (with white wood shutters, very fun), and a sandy tan on the rest of the walls. I used Ralph Lauren paints with the eggshell finish (a very slight sheen).

Thankfully my red wall was pretty small due to having a large window so I only needed two coats, and I fudged not using a tinted primer.

I have used a tinted primer before, when I painted my powder room a deep merlot color. A lot more wall area to cover there, and it was worth it, even though a PITA.


May 1, 2006
I think its great to be bold in your home. Who wants to live in a bland magnolia world lol!

I had a red on the walls of our kitchen, the colour was Summer Pudding and it was deep and glorious. I loved it so much that we now have red kitchen units instead, so I had to tone the walls down to a taupe, as otherwise it would have been to much red. But its a lovely rich friendly colour and I am sure you will love having a red kitchen.

ooh have to mention, cream accessories goes beautifully with red, as white is somehow a little stark next to such a rich colour :biggrin: