Painted Dragon Coat - which designer?

  1. Can anyone help me locate the designer of a coat I saw advertised in one of those magazines they have in your hotel room?

    Basically, was on holiday in Valencia and there was a magazine (red glossy one with Christmas decoration on the front) that showcased many of the shops in the city. There was a stunning coat on one of the pages - pale blue, looked like cashmere, knee length coat with what appears to have been a dragon painted round the coat. The sleeves had about 15 buttons on each with about 6 up the front. It said it was from PACA CERVERA but there was no designer. I don't have a photo as I couldn't take the magazine (my case was already bursting :crybaby: ).

    I think it would have been fall 2006 design but does anyone recall seeing a similar coat? PACA CERVERA will be opening a new website soon.

    I know I'll probably not find it now but any help would be appreciated...
  2. Im not sure at all but it could be Anna Sui or Versace :s, you should check them out.