Painted alize project, check the pic out

  1. [​IMG]

    I was just checking out flickr for some LV photos and came across this! Very interesting. I would never paint care bears on my alize but the idea of painting something artisitic seems cool. What do you guys think? I have a A for creativity!;)
  2. WOW....I could never do that to my LV! Maybe a fake one just for fun!
  3. i think it looks great. amgine hello kitty on a speedy. that would be so cute.
    or my little pony!
  4. Wow, what a waste of a good bag!
  5. If you're that confident in your skill, by all means, do it!
    I think it looks great and unique. I wouldn't put CareBears on my keepall but I may have to resort to this if Marc doesn't come out with skulls!
  6. If people want to paint on their bags it is their choice, but I agree it is a waste of a good bag. (Just my opnion)

    I especially dislike the drug theme, not my thing. In fact I would never take anyone carrying this bag seriously. Ever.
  7. I would never paint any of my bags. but this one is so cute.
  8. I think it looks Amazing BUT Louis Vuitton would never touch this bag again, no repairs can be done, so IMO its only good to do if you dont mind never getting your bag repiared etc. I once knew of somone who painted their Graffiti speedy and put flowers on it...But that was quite a while ago and
    wasnt to best taste :-s.
  9. Uuh i don't like it.
    A for effort but neh.
  10. that's just horrible!
  11. wow!! That truly is a waste of a beautiful bag:tdown:
  12. i think its cool! i love how the owner made it his own..i wish i had the guts/talent to do that!! love one of a kind unique things, and this is truely a work of art!!!!

    thanks for the pic!
  13. It looks very cute.
  14. WOW cool! I could never do that personally to an LV though...but it's definitely a work of art!
  15. So cute. LVoe it!!!!