Paint your Own Baguette!!!

  1. Ok... so when I was talking about Saich's thread on the new spies being somewhat "crafty", I was joking... but it looks like that's the line that Fendi is going! Check this out! For $1300, you can design your own Baguette Clutch! Well.. sorta... What happens if you goof, I wonder if you can correct it.

    That said, is this a fun enterprise? Or is it just a rip-off?
  2. So how does the concept work? Do you get paints or crayons or something with the bag? I think it might be the worst idea in history. You get an expensive bag and then ruin it by doodling on it... :nogood:

    I remember when the shoes you could color came. I don't remember them having much success either.
  3. That ridiculous. You can buy any white bag and 'design' it yourself... lol!
  4. OMG, have they gone mad......I really am lost for words with this idea :shocked: who on earth would spend this sort of money to paint your own bag.
  5. lol! insanity!
  6. I'm not sure if they're paints. They look like little pens to me in the casing. At first, I was like WTH??? Now, I'm convinced that they've all gone bonkers! Next thing, it'd come with a glue set and a bunch of sequins to throw in. They should have stuck to Fendi Cookie Cutters! I may have gotten those, but not for $1300!
  7. Well, at least it will be one of a kind...
  8. ^ lol.
  9. honestly, i kinda like this idea...i dont know that i would paint it myself, but a lot of ppl close to me are very artistic, and if they designed it the bag would mean so much more to me and be one of a kind.

    i think also, i remember reading something that fendi sent these out to many artists/designers. imagine what they would come up w/? or imagine having a one of a kind baguette painted by karl L himself?? if it wasn't 1300 i would buy it this second!
  10. I guess this would be great if you were artsy. Me, on the other hand, cannot draw for the life of me. Definately different, thats for sure.
    It would be a great bag to get autographs on from various designers, celebs?
    Or have your child draw, lol
  11. Yeah the bag, which is just plain white canvas, comes with a set of textas. Great for the Fendi-loving graffiti artist!
  12. Well the idea would be good for a great artist
  13. Hello,

    Yes! I saw something similar within H.Bazaar or a fashion magazine's the pic I saw. Also, I found these other images regarding the "painting" of your own baguette I believe for the promo. best wishes!




  14. Oh wow!!! Cool article! Thanks! While I don't oppose this idea entirely, I just SUCK at drawing without the hope of some form of erasure. I can't commit to a single line. I do love that picture of all the graffiti on the wall behind the baguettes.
  15. I love this idea! I'm an artist and it would be great to have a bag painted by me. I'm only wondering for the quality of the markers and how will it actually work....