Paint coming off from Cerise

  1. Hi everyone, i have a little paint coming off from my Cerise Pochette . Right in the middle of the cherry. I am so sad.. I checked with LV stores and they say there's nothing they can do to fix it. Anyone encountered same problem as me too? :crybaby:
  2. I have the same thing on my cles - I believe it is because it is silk screened so it'll eventually start to rub off from use... similary to mc, panda, moca etc. It's a shame :sad:
  3. Yup, all the colored paints (silkscreen) will chip off if not taken cared. If you notice the monogram LVs and Damier will rub off/become lighter with time too. I have seen monogram brown logos fade off on old bags.
  4. yeah, that will happen, that's why avoid too harsh psychical contact on the print and too hard direct sun light for long (like leaving ur bag exposed to sun in the car for a long time)
  5. If you received a care booklet with your Cerises Pochette, it explains in there that the colors might rub off due to the silk screening.
  6. It sucks, but it happens!! I wish there was a way LV could prevent this for the prices we pay!!
  7. Awwww I'm sooo sorry to hear this =(

    I don't even use my Cerises Speedy anymore, I love it so much I'd hate to see them chip away.