Painful bump on my side

  1. Last week I started noticing that my side hurt like it was bruised. I let it go and every once in awhile I would move wrong or put my arm down and it would hurt. At night when I would lay on that side it would hurt. Sunday morning I was waiting on the coffee pot and was feeling my side and finally felt a small lump that is somewhat hard about the size of a dime, if pressed on hurts like hell, very tender but there is no bruising at all. The painful area runs about 6 inches down my side.

    I have decided that I am going to watch it this week and if toward the end of the week it isn't better make an appt with the dr to get it checked. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had something like this?

    I have not hit my side or done anything strenuous to pull a muscle or cause bruising as there isn't any actual bruise, just a lump and the pain of a bruise.

    Any ideas???
  2. That doesn't sound too good. If I were you, I wouldn't wait another day to go see the doc.
  3. Definiately check with your doctor, ASAP. I sometimes get painful "lumps", which are actually boils. When they are very hard, I have to go to the doctor to have them lanced (cut) and drained.
  4. Shingles commonly starts on your side. Maybe you should look up the shingles symptoms and see if they match what you're experiencing.
  5. Here is a little update, I went to the Dr this afternoon, and as you mentioned Cas she said shingles can start on your side and could possibly feel this way but feels the larger node to the left of my breast is a possible lymph node inlarged, the lumps on down my side possibly fatty cyst or fatty tumor. Last night when I got home from my daughters game there were raised areas further down my side and tender to touch but not as painful as the upper one. So I will go in for a sonogram in the morning and see what it shows.

    It's just weird that this is showing up now and never felt anything like this before.
  6. Hope everything goes well with the sonogram tomorrow.
  7. Best wishes for a good outcome.
  8. I hope everything turns out fine. :heart:
  9. I had the sonogram and the large upper lump is a cyst they said, and the 2 lower ones have no mass so they felt it was just irritated tissue. I am supposed to call the Dr this morning as they called and left a message they received the results. I was also instructed to schedule a mammogram.

    So I cheated yesterday afternoon and this morning, I am wearing a loose fitting sweatshirt and no bra and it helps so as not to rub and irritate the cyst. With the air conditioning in this place no one even questions someone wearing a sweatshirt (lol). Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.

    PS: I never knew I guess that a cyst could/would stay under the skin, always thought they were on outside.
  10. That's good news, right? I'm happy to hear this--it's always scary until we know what unusual symptoms mean.

    Best wishes!
  11. Well that is good news then! Hope you are feeling better :yes: