pain under left jaw....wth is it??

  1. This morning I woke up with really acute pain in one small specific spot right under my left jawline. I don't feel a lump or anything "solid" there. My first educated guess would be that it's a lymph node acting up, but that should only happen when there's an infection somewhere, right? I feel totally fine. No idea what's going on, and no idea how to research this....any ideas? :confused1:
  2. Very unusual.

    I would get myself to the doctor asap.

    Good luck!
  3. Might be one of the roots on your teeth. I'd go check it out asap. Wisdom tooth maybe?
  4. Go see the doc. I had something like this in college. They said I had a "throat infection" and gave me antibiotics. After a few days of pills, it ceased hurting.

    I still have no idea what I actually had.
  5. tooth infection?see a doc
  6. I've never had anything like this, but I suspect some sort of infection. A doctor would be your best bet.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  7. TMJ maybe? unfortunately our guesses aren't going to help much, I would go and get it checked out to be safe and get some relief!
  8. It could be TMJ, I have it and get pain when I somtimes whack my jaw out, it could be as simple as a yawn....
    I also used to get major pain in my jaw when my sinus allergies were acting up and a decongestant would get rid of it in a day or two. Maybe try a warm wash cloth under the jaw and see how you feel. It could be nothing serious. I think with a tooth infection you would have more pain in the gum area. When I had sinus problems the pain in my jaw was so bad I felt like I wanted my teeth pulled even though I had no pain in my mouth, gum area--but it really hurt bad.
    Let us know how you are doing.
  9. This is what popped into my mind first too. I would definately go to the Dr. asap, because if its an infection or TMJ, it will need some sort of treatment and doesn't usually disappear on its own.
  10. Perhaps you are grinding your teeth at night, I do this & can cause jaw pain but do check it out with doctor or dentist!
  11. thanks for all your advice, guys. i went to the doctor and he said it was my lymph node acting up because i was about to have an infection....i was like what the heck...but he was right! i couldn't even tell anything was wrong at that point, but later in the day a section of my gums started swelling...still not sure why, but my dentist said it was probably just an allergy or something i ate poked it. whew! nothing to worry about (i hope)!! thanks again guys...!
  12. I'm glad it turned out to be nothing serious!!
  13. Glad you got it sorted & nothing serious :smile: