Pain relief for level three ankel sprained ankle

  1. Hi! I have a few questions and I would really aprecciate your thoughts. Yesterday afternoon, I fell halfway down the stars (on to a concrete floor no less). I could'nt move so my son was able to get me the phone. Needless to say I wa brought to Urgent Care. Both the Dr and Nurse said that it looked broken; x-rays did not show a fraction, so I was given cruches, a splint and a lame pain pils (15 low strenged loratabs) They do not even touch the pain. I also have usin the Rice treatment to now but with to know reliefl

    I am going to all my pCP tomorrow. Is there aspecial drug I shouldd request? I have also tried Tyenol with codien which did not do the job.

    Any info would be greatly apprreciated. TIA!
  2. Wow, I'm sorry this happened to you! I hope your ankle gets better soon.

    If the Lortab didn't work, ask the MD to prescribe Percocet. If he's not willing to prescribe that since it's a CII narcotic, ask for Norco 10/325(higher strength of hydrocodone than Lortab). I hope something works for you. Make sure you're taking an anti-inflammatory as well such as Motrin or Aleve - sometimes decreasing the inflammation in the area may relieve the pain. Those are both ok to take with Lortab, Percocet, or Norco.
  3. Ouch! I hope you are feeling better soon!
  4. Oh wow; I just re-read my post. Obviously the drug was effecting me! Sorry for all of the typos and thanks for the advice. I can honestly say this pain is worse than childbirth and that is saying a lot!
  5. I just sprained my ankle about a week ago. Also level 3. I heard a crack sound when I fell. I live alone, fell downstairs, and phone was upstairs.

    At first I could not get up and put any weight on it. I crawled to the freezer for ice, and then to the couch.

    I crawled upstairs and called kaiser. They told me to wait a few hours with the Rice method, and see if I could put weight on it or feel for broken bones.

    I was able to use a broom for a crutch, but could not put much weight on it.

    I waited till Monday and went in for an x-ray, nothing broken. I am taking advil. I have pretty much stayed off of it, but my foot was really hurting today.

    I wonder how long it takes to heal? The worst part is not being able to get around your own house.
  6. I have lived through 3 sprained ankles and one broken ankle. My last sprain was just about a month ago.

    The best thing is to keep it wrapped, and when you come home at the end of the day, elevate it and ice it. It will heal in time but ankles are super slow!

    You will need about 6 weeks for it to heal. If it's really hurt, it will take longer. Sorry I don't have better news -- ankle injuries suck!

    If your insurance company offers it, I highly recommend physical therapy after it's healed. It will help strengthen it and leave you less susceptible to future injuries.