Pain of RETURNING a Chanel


Jul 19, 2007
After much consideration I decided to let go of the Pocket In the City, my beloved brown bag. I feel like I just sent my child off forever (no offense to the mommies, I have no children so my bags are my babies for now).

I decided to let it go because 1) I only got it because the brown DST was unattainable and 2) I had a hunch after the bag came with a sensor that it was a display bag. I was sure when I noticed the CC hardware scratched. I know over time the hardware becomes damaged but at $2650 (my most expensive Chanel acquisition) I prefer to do the scratching and I am meticulous about taking good care of my things so I am sure it wouldn't have happened for some time. I'm going to stop by Chanel this week in hopes of finding another chocolate replacement.

Ah, the sadness of sending a Chanel back to it's parents. I just had to share my pain. :crybaby:


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
:sad: Awwww... I'm sorry, hon. But it's for the best! You'll find your perfect bag soon and it will be in mint condition. For the money we pay, we should at the very least get a bag in the condition we want it in. Some people are less meticulous, and that's fine for them, they can have the displays. But, the way I see it, if we are shelling out the dough, we deserve EXACTLY what we want! :yes:


Oct 10, 2007
when you get your new Chanel you will feel soo much better- keep us informed on what you get

I believe this is one of the bag that was on sale at NM. If you don't want to let it go, maybe you can return it to the boutique and buy it back from NM for 30% off. Please check the threads for NM sale under Chanel Shopping. Good luck.