Pain in lower left abdominal area

  1. I am around 7 weeks pregnant and I occasionally have a mild pain on my left side of my lower pelvic region (I guess near the "groin" area). It isn't severe and is not accompanied by bleeding or anything else like chills, dizziness etc.
    Is this something I should contact my doctor about ASAP so he can bump up my appointment to see him or is this normal?
  2. I would always call your doctor's office about any concerns and talk to his/her nurse. I had pains in the early stages of pregnancy as well, (felt like cramps) and was told it's the uterus growing. Also, it could be ligaments stretching, but that is painful to the touch rather than an overall ache.
  3. I don't know if the ligaments stretching are always painful to the touch. I'm a little over 31 weeks and the baby dropped a few weeks ago, so I'm stretching like crazy (even my doc sounds a little amazed at how far down baby is so early.) My groin has been killing me for weeks, to the point that I wish it were socially acceptable to walk around clutching it in public. But, it doesn't hurt any worse when I do touch it, it really is just an overall ache.

    Definitely call the nurse. Since you don't have bleeding or anything else, it's unlikely to be anything to worry about, but it's better to ask and be safe. You've got all sorts of new sensations coming up!
  4. I agree, it sounds like ligaments stretching. The nurse will ask you if you have any other symptoms along with it, leakage, bleeding, fever, etc. If you don't have any other signs, I wouldn't worry.
  5. I had that too with my first pregnancy,and it was just ligaments stretching. Since you don't have other symptoms, I wouldn't be too worried! Of course, call your doctor to further put your mind at ease. :smile:
  6. i think it's always best to call your doctor if you're concerned (also for your peace of mind:idea:). when i was 7weeks pregnant, i felt a little bit of pain on my abdominal area (can't remember which side). i went to see the doctor and i had an ultrasound scan and urine test to rule out ectopic pregnancy. i didn't have any bleeding or anything like that either. the pregnancy turned out normal with no problems, but if you've pain, call your doctor. i don't think there's any harm with being extra cautious?
  7. I'd call just to check in, but there's something called round ligament pain that's very common most of the way through pregnancy.
    This sounds like it since it's not accompanied by bleeding or anything.
  8. I would definitely get it checked for peace of mind. I had pain during my 5th and 6th week and the doctor found a few things with an ultra sound.
  9. OMG...I am going through the same is horrible. Sometimes I feel as if the baby is ready to come out.
  10. Sounds like stretching but please do get checked for peace of mind.
  11. That is exactly what it sounds like-your body is accommodating a growing baby yay! Anyway- I had the same pain but sometimes when I was walking I would have a stabbing pain that would stop me in my tracks and then it was gone. My girls are fine & healthy so I'm sure that you're fine!
  12. I have been having those same pains on both sides so they sent me for an emergency ultrasound within an hour of seeing my NP today. It looks like every thing is fine though.

    Still, I think that you should call and speak with a nurse practitioner. But, just so you don't get too freaked out, I did find out from talking more with my NP today, the pains typically are accompanied with sharp shoulder pain and bleeding (which I did have as well). Like others said above, it probably is just your uterus stretching and making room. But again, make the phone call and talk with an NP just to be on the safe side.
  13. I had those exact pains at around 7/8 weeks, and then had some bleeding. I assumed the worst and called the hospital who took me in for a scan, at which point I discovered I was having twins! they said it was called round ligament pain (as other posters have said).
  14. I am so glad that i saw your post AFTER I had my ultrasound. I have been SO paranoid about twins because they run heavily on both my husband's side and my side! I even asked the woman - so you just see one baby right? She kinda gave me a weird look.:smile:

    I just don't think I could handle a two year old and TWO new babies:sweatdrop:
  15. ^^^ :lol: