Pain in breast. Can anyone relate or please help??

  1. Recently I've been feeling shape intense pains in my breast. I just felt one now in my left breast and it hurt like a charlie horse. I'm thinking of getting it checked out, even though I get checked every year for it. Maybe something has changed since then?? I'm so young, could young ladies get breast cancer at such a young age?? Maybe its not breast cancer.. I don't know what it is, but my mind is racing. Anyone else have a similar problem?? :confused1:
  2. Oh my gosh, that sounds like something I've been getting. It's like a sharp pain, I don't know how to describe it, but it's uncomfortable and if I am laying down(when I get it the most), I have to lay a different way because it hurts, but it doesn't last very long. But I always thought it was my heart area, not my breast, like a muscle or something or I thought it was maybe my breasts sore from PMS(sorry if TMI), but I had it weeks before PMS, and I get it only on left side, and I haven't payed attention as to if I have it various times throughout the whole month. I haven't really thought much of it just thinking it's heart burn or something. And it's only on the left side. Gosh, I hope it's nothing to be concerned about.....I think it might just be heart burn at least that's what I hope. Breast cancer doesn't run in my family, and it's never been a concern with me, so I doubt that(in my case anyways.) Plus, with breast cancer, I *think* it's a small area that has the pain, especially when pressure is put on it, and I think there is usually a lump present.
  3. same as me! breast cancer does not run in my family, and i dont have a lump and the pain is usually on one side at a time. last night it was on my left, and i didnt pay much attenetion to which side it was on last time. now im wishing i should have. its not heartburn for me. its a different kind of pain from heartburn. (i have really bad acid reflux so i know the pain im feeling is not heart burn.) how many times have you gotten the pain?? im not sure if my PMS is apart of it. im not currently on my period. and dont think i got it last time when i was on my period.
  4. Well, I have been thinking about this, and I decided I am going to see a cardiologist just to make sure everything is okay. I've had it on and off for about the past two-three months, and I am pretty confident it has nothing to do with PMS anymore, because it all just doesn't jive. And breast cancer is out of the question. I am not sure if I ever had heartburn, but people say it's a burning pain, and mine is described as a sharp piercing pain. I don't know what it is. It's kind of worrying, you know?
  5. I've been having pain in my left breast for a couple of weeks now and it's freaking me out. I even posted a thread about it thinking maybe I have a dislocated rib. It's more like a tenderness though by the side of the breast, only on the left. I feel it if I press on it or lay on it. It seems to have gotten worse after I worked out last week. I just start freaking myself out and thinking it could be cancer. I can't feel a lump and neither could my mom. I have a doctor appt. Oct. 18.
  6. I've had this in the past a lot though it has stopped. I mentioned it while having mammogram and was told this is very common. Has to do with hormones. It hurt a lot and even woke me up once. She said a lot of woman get this and not to worry. I would still mention it whenever your next dr.'s appt is as you shouldn't brush it off but just wanted you to know what I was told. I remember I even googled it and got the same info.
  7. Hey ladies, the pain you all seem to be having may not be too serious, it may actually be caused by of the weight of your breast. In bigger sized cups, the weight of the breast can and very often does put strain on the suspensory ligaments - causing the pain your feeling.

    A couple things you could do is wear a sports bra, to support the breasts & ease the strain on the ligaments, and also try working out the muscles on your back. It's still definately worth getting the check up to ease the mental worrying & anxiety.

    Hope you find this helpful.
  8. Wow, as I slowly read every post and now the last two sound more positive...but I really got worried. I think I had this type of pain but I thought it was like cold on my muscle.
    Thanks for this post.
  9. Wouldn't that be nice, lol, I am a 34B:push:, so I don't think it would be that in my case, although that does make sense for those lucky ones with a larger cup size. lol.
    I talked to my mom about this(she's in the medical profession) and she mentioned something called pericarditis, which is something to do with inflammation near the heart. I have been having a lot of inflammation in my body lately for an unknown reason, so maybe this is all connected but only in my case. Either way, I am definitely seeing a cardiologist, because like others mentioned, it is worrisome, and although it's probably something really minor, it's still good to see what a doctor has to say about this. Has anyone with this also had a shortness of breath, like it's hard to take a deep breath, or is that only me?
    I do have to say that I am glad this thread was brought up, because before this thread, I wasn't even concerned enough about it to see a doctor.
  10. I've had a very similar sounding pain. It usually occurs on my left side and it comes on very sharply. The initial pain is so intense that it usually makes me gasp (as if someone took my breath). The pain subsides quickly as well. I seem to have time periods where more of these episodes occur, but I've never know what causes them.

    To answer your question, PK, when I get these episodes I have trouble taking deep breaths, but only for a few moments until the pain diminishes. Please keep us informed about your situation, as I am very interested to know the source of the problem.
  11. Well I hope all is well, when you see your doctor. Just don't worry too much over something that may not be.
  12. I am well endowed and it happens to me once in a while too. It's uncomfortable but it's never made me worry.
    If anything worries you, it's worth checking out:yes:
  13. Yes, it would be hard to take a deep, I never took this seriously.

    Can you please share with us what your cardiologist said after your visit please? I'd like to know what was said and somehow I need to find out how I can get time off work when all my days off this year have been used up.
  14. i feel the same when i feel the pain. i cant breathe. i dont feel like moving. it hurts so much. but soon it goes away then its all better. :] now im going to bring it up to the doctor when i go again. :[ im kinda sad this didnt happen last week because i just visited the doctors this week. LOL, anyways, im happy to hear other people kind of relate. makes me feel at ease. :]
  15. Hi ladies!!!
    I'm new to the forum, but not new to what you all are describing.
    If it is what I think it is, you all are fine.
    Which basically means inflammation of the cartilage/tissues connecting the ribs to the breastbone. It is caused by stress, blunt force trauma (banging into a steering wheel in an accident), working out very intensely (doing chest presses before being well warmed up, etc).
    It goes away and comes back because it heals itself.

    Look it up online, but also discuss it with your doctors ... just in case.

    Take Care!!