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  1. i think ive seen this on another thread but i couldnt find it--does anyone know how paige premium denim runs?
    there are cute skinny jeans on sale at tobi...(any codes for sale items?)

    any other denim suggestions?

    thanks all!
    have great weekends!
  2. They run small. I wear size 25 for everything else, 26 for Paige jeans.

    Other suggestions: Citizens, my favorite.

    I actually just got two REALLLY nice pairs at Nordstrom Rack for $80 each.
  3. They run small. I'm a 29 in most jeans (sevens, citizens, etc) but my paiges are 30 - and they are pretty tight :s
  4. they don't stretch as much but they fit AMAZING! I wear 29 in all brands
  5. This should be in the Wardrobe sub-forum ;)

    It depends on your body type and the style of jeans... The bootcut, skinnies and straight legs run small in the thighs and straight in the waist. If you have hips and a defined waist, you'll have to size up and there might still be a gap at the waist. If you have small thighs and a thicker waist, they'll be true to size. The wideleg styles like Robertson are cut generously in the thighs as well as the waist, so I personally can size down in those. I have one pair that's 2 sizes smaller than what I normally wear. They don't stretch out though-- if you get them and they're too tight, they're never going to be comfy. HTH!