Paige premium denim

  1. Hi. Do any of you own multiple pairs/styles of Paige jeans? In particular, the Pico style? If so, do you like them as much as the standard style jean of hers? What is your opinion about the style?
    Also, do you think that the straight leg/skinny jean style is going to dominate for fall/winter, or that the boot leg will still be going strong? Thanks!
  2. I have 7 pairs of Paige (because they are the absolute best for me!) and I love them allllll.

    I have the Pico as well and imo the LC/HH fit me better. For some reason the Picos don't flatter me as well but the pockets are quite cute. I can take some comparison pics for you if you want.

    I actually rarely ever see people wearing skinny jeans but during the winter I dont think it'll be that noticable since people will most likely be wearing boots over it. Skinny jeans look great with those "hooker" boots though, imo
  3. I don't own any Paige, simply because they don't fit me well. My faves are 7FAM, COH, and Joe's. I think we'll be seeing straight/skinny and bootcut. I have two pair of straight leg jeans, but they don't work on everyone IMO. I think bootcut, which is flattering on most everyone, will be around for a while.
  4. i can't say enough great things about paige. i LOVE these jeans! i have a few laurel canyons and the blue heights skinny. these jeans come in fantastic washes and they fit me PERFECTLY. they're so comfortable and soft too.