Paige Premium Denim Questions!

  1. Has anyone tried on or does anyone own Paige Premium Denim in the Robertson fit? It has a 22" flared leg, I love flared jeans :love:

    How do these jeans run - large or small? I usually wear a 31 in Juicy Couture and Citizens, I like them to sit pretty low on my hips and have a bit of breathing room ;)

    Any info would be great. Thanks :nuts:

  2. i owned a couples of pair from them and they usually run small, i wear a 25 size in 7 of mankind and also in juicy but when i order them in 25 from paige it was a little too tight for me around the waist line,hope it help.
  3. I agree, these jeans run just a bit small. Most all my sevens and citizens are 31, so I ordered these in a 31 and they are very tight. I still love them though!
  4. IMO the robertsons run tts. they were big on me compared to HH and LC.

    Also, I dont know if the site mentions it, but Robertsons are really high-rise!
  5. I tried on a pair of Paige at Nordstrom the other day. They were the Laurel Canyon fit, I think? Anyway, they were a 31 and fit fine - But, I'm wondering if because the Robertson is a different fit and higher rise, they won't fit the same if I go with a 31?

    I can't seem to find a store around here that carries this specific fit. Nordstrom only had a few pairs in a dark wash, when I'm looking for a medium wash.

    Mello, how high rise are these jeans? Thanks :smile:

    Maybe I should just order, try on and return if they don't fit? But that's such a hassle. Jeans shopping = torture :rolleyes:
  6. I own couple of Paige jeans and they run tighter than other brands. I love how they fit though!!!!
  7. They're a little tight around the hipbones, but maybe I just have big hipbones.
  8. What's the highest size it comes in? 31?
  9. I ordered 2 Paiges without having tried them before and IMO they fit true to size as not a bit bigger. I wear a 30 and the Hollywood style in sardinian runs a bit bigger and the Hollywood Hills in medium blue runs a bit smaller than the other ones but both fit me fine.IMO they're the best fitting jeans I ever had and surely that aren't my last Paiges. I would order the jeans and if it doesn't fit just send it back.
  10. I think 32. I'm looking for a pair of jeans to replace my completely worn, faded and ripped Juicy pair that are 5 years old :shame: I'm looking for something wide or flared-leg, comfortable, and probably a size bigger than normal so that I can wear them on my "fat" days :p

  11. I just gave my pair away to a friend -

    They fit loose through the leg but fitted through the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

    Now, I love Paige denim - I am a huge fan - but, I was not a fan of these. I like their Laurel Canyon best - the Robertson wide legs are a very heavy denim - and the heavy denim does not fit loose and airy as you think a wide-leg should.

    For wide legs I like Joie and Citizens.
  12. I emailed some site to see what kind Jennifer Aniston was wearing because I loved them and I think she wears the Laurel Canyon or she did last year. I can't decide whether I loved the jeans or I loved her figure and thought my figure would look like her's, if I bought them. LOL. Good luck.

  13. soo funny coachwife - it was pics of Jen A that originally got me interested in the Paige jeans as well. As it turns out, I don't look like Jen A in my Laurel Canyon's but they still are my favorite jeans. :p
  14. for me, it was just a little bit under my belly button.

    revolve clothing has the rise listed as 7.5"
  15. The Laurel Canyon's fit TTS.

    p.s. Nordstrom Rack has them for $79.97