Paige Premium Denim... Anyone own a pair??

  1. If you do how do you like them??? And how do they compare to other brands of jeans that you wear???
  2. I think they fit narrow in the thighs. I have a pair of the Pico style. I had to go a size up to squeeze my thighs, hips and butt into them. They are great butt jeans though! Anyway, after spending a ton on them and having them altered, I find they stretch a lot with wear. It is so frustrating because now I can't return them. They stretch so much I can actually pull them off without unbuttoning or unzipping! I just can't imagine being able to stuff myself into a smaller size though. The smaller size seemed REALLY tight.
  3. Paige is my favorite brand :tup:
  4. yep, i own 3 pairs. i love them ,they're very soft and fit me well. i don't think they stretch as much as R&R. most washes seem tts.
  5. I do! Paige PD is my FAVORITE premium denim brand, no other brand compares! The fit is JUST perfect, hugs in all the right places and flatters tons. Some washes do run a bit on the small side though so be sure to check out measurements/try them on.

    I'll rave some more when I get back from class!
  6. I love my Paige jeans. They definitely make your butt (regardless of your size) look incredible! I think I have about 4 pairs of Paige jeans, and a couple of the cropped jeans / shorts as well. In my experience, they do stretch out a lot. I can pull off my first pair without unzipping or unbuttoning so I feel your pain, lawchick! I made sure to go down a size on my next couple of pairs knowing that they will stretch out. It does depend on the fit, wash and percentage of stretch in the jean though. But overall, they are my absolute favorite brand of jean. Since I started rocking the Paiges, I rarely wear any of my other jeans - Seven for all Mankind, Habituals, Joes, etc. Good luck finding a pair you love!
  7. I love, love, love Paige jeans. The Laurel Canyon fit is my favorite and i get so many compliments on them.
  8. I saw some the other day and they looked very nice, i'm really picky with jeans and I liked the look of this brand, do they get smaller or larger after the first wash? I usually wear a size 8 or a bit smaller, lately I've lost some weight and also with my gap jeans when I purchase an 8 and after a wash it ends up too large, my sister had a size 6 and after washing and stretching it fit me perfectly.

    Is this the same case with most jeans and even paige? What size should I go with?
  9. Paiges are the best jeans! I have five pairs and I can't stop from buying more. They surpass my other jean faves (Sevens, Citizens, R&Rs, Habituals) - every pair I try on makes me look slim and tall.

    As for fit, it varies - I have some Paiges in 27s and others in 28s...but for the most part they fit true to size. They are stretchy but retain their shape and fit better than other brands in my opinion (for instance, R&Rs fit great at the beginning of the day, then totally stretch out half a size by the end of the day).
  10. Make sure you get them tight. They stretch more than R&R and other jeans. I think mine stretch almost a whole size.

    I have a really flat butt and find the jeans don't do anything for it.

    I do have some Paige denim skirts which I love. They make my butt look so rounded. I' glad I bought it a size small since it stretches in about 20 minutes to the perfect size.
  11. I own one pair and I actually thought they were a bit overrated. I wear them sometimes, but I keep going back to 7FAM and R&R.

    Paige's denim is thicker than most which is nice but something about them just isn't what I love. I actually think they run big and they do stretch. I think other brands just seem to be more flattering for my body.
  12. I love Paige denim. They makes me look taller.
  13. Thanx everyone since I'm ordering them offline I wanted to have an idea of what I was gettting into. Everyone's feedback has helped tremendously(sp?).
  14. Do you have a store where you can just try on a bunch of different jeans? I always get ideas and then try to find them in-store. Body types can be so different that it's hard to really know what will work and what won't until you get it on.
  15. I own several pairs of Paige Hollywood Hills (these have a slightly higher rise than Laurel Canyon). They fit true to size. For reference, I'm a 26 across the board with Citizens, SFAM, Rock and Republic, James, etc. I would say the feel and comfort of Paige Jeans tops Citizens and STFMs. And it's cheaper than most Rock and Republics.