Paige or Seinna debate??

  1. :girlsigh:I'm looking for a new Kooba, and debating the Paige and Seinna. Any thought on size and how comfortable they are wearing and using? I have a couple, the Marcelle and Lucy. I'm wishing for something that I can wear over my shoulder easier, as I have small children and usually need my hands free. I'm 5'10" and do not like small bags but really don't one the size of luggage either. Feel free to put your two cents in, I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say if you already own either of these styles. TIA!
  2. I don't have a Sienna but I have a Paige and LOVE that bag. It's big and roomy without being huge and stays on my shoulder well. I have it in the antique rose color and it is just gorgeous and goes with so much. The Sienna has never really appealed to me because I think it's just too "western" - kind of ironic since it's the most popular Kooba and I have about a dozen Koobas now and that's one I don't think I'll ever get!
  3. Thanks! I think that is a great way to describe the Sienna, I just could not find the right words to pinpoint what it is about that bag I was not sure about. It is super popular which is why I was thinking about it, I thought maybe I was missing something everyone else was seeing. Thanks so much, so glad I posted this question. Anyone have any other thoughts on this subject? I'd love to hear them....
  4. I have a Sienna and I don't think it is too western looking (lol), but I know others do think this. It is a nice size, but does not appear huge. It is also roomy, but not a black hole like some Kooba bags, when you are looking for things. The straps stay on the shoulder nicely and there is a comfy drop, also.
  5. I have never cared for the Sienna. I think it is too western looking. Its funny that I love Kooba bags and I don't like the Sienna, the most popular. I love the paige though. I have one in Ivory and it is lightweight and very comfortable on the shoulder. I also have a Parker which I love as well. I am 5'9 and I like a bag with a nice drop from the shoulder. I would love a marcelle but was unsure of the comfort on the shoulder.
  6. The Sienna has been an incredibly popular bag and I'm sure it's because it's a practical size and sits well on the shoulder. I previously bought a brand new smooth black Sienna and (mad as it may sound) I didn't like it at all, so I sold it and settled for my Paige. It's all personal taste, some people like the Sienna and hate the Paige (they call it a tarantula) while others like the Paige and hate the Sienna (they call it a Cowboy bag). Both bags are good, practical bags so I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  7. Well, I like both!, but if I had to choose now, I would have to say the Paige..think it's a more versatile bag than the Sienna, can wear it with everything, while the Sienna is more a casual jeans and t-shirt bag...
  8. I am wearing my first not "rented" owned Kooba Sienna.......ITs that bourbon color. I bought it from eBay, and the seller was absolutely fantastic. I cannot tell you enough about her. This is that bourbon pebbly leather. A million dollars did I feel like all day. Even after 3 hours of sleep because my daughter split a molar on a lollipop, while I was sitting waiting I just stared at that bag and thought, this is what its like to be me, and I love it! Sienna is a classic in the Kooba line. But, I confess to loving most of them, thats pathetic I know.:tup:
  9. I have never desired a Sienna but I had a Paige in the Khaki color. That was probably the most functional bag I've ever owned and I loved the color. It was somewhat heavy but not overly. I loved the outside pockets. I had a little problem with the handle and got excited at the idea of getting my money back and getting a new bag...something different. Now I'm thinking that one of these days I'd like to find another khaki Paige.
  10. Is the sienna a heavy bag?
  11. ^^^ Probably 2-3 pounds. There was a post not too long ago that compared it to the weight of a Paddy.
  12. Can someone post the khaki/ivory paige. I keep seeing different it more yellow or more white. Also what is the interior color. Thanks
  13. I personally LOVE the Sienna WAAAAYYYYY over the Paige. I'm one that thinks of the Paige as a tarantula. I have four Siennas and it's by far the most flattering to me and I'm no Western Girl....:rolleyes:
    The siennas are awesome! :okay: