paige /joe jeans..sizing

  1. Does anyone know if Joe jeans (honey) fit same as the Paige jeans? I know my size in Paige. Great deals online. I heard joe jeans do wonders for butts!
  2. I think Joes run a tad bigger than Paige but don't quote me on that, I don't have a single pair of Joe's.

    Everytime I've tried Joe's on, they were always loose in the waist, in the butt area, and around the leg so after trying a couple styles everytime I went shopping for jeans, I just gave up. Bummer, some of the styles are cute!
  3. Joe's usually runs big. Not the honey though. I'm usually a 26 on most jeans and honey didn't fit. Way too small. However, I can go down a size on socialite. Hope that helps
  4. Joes Jeans run big! Im usually a size 27,and in joes I wear a 26
  5. I tried the Joe's Honey and the Paige Laurel Canyon was MUCH more flattering to my figure. I have a small waist and larger hips/thigs and the Laurel Canyon has some magic something in it!!
    I just wasn't at all impressed with the Joe's Honey for MY frame...
  6. i think joe's honey will only be flattering if you have some booty to begin with. i have lots of paige laurel canyons and have tried on numerous joe's. none of the joe's ever fit me, including the honey. they run like 1 size big and i'm already a 24 in the paiges.
  7. Paige jeans may seem small when you first try them on, but they really stretch out to a comfy, snug fit in about 3 minutes. I tried on a pair of 24s (am usually a 24) and it was pretty snug. But after walking around the dressing room for a few minutes it became true to size.

    As for Joe's Jeans, I have found them to be slightly bigger than Paige jeans. Are you buying it online? has free shipping so you might be able to order both and try them on. They have a fantastic return policy too.
  8. Paige jeans do stretch out. I bought a pair of Laurel Canyons, size 28, used it three times and it stretched out! I asked a jeans specialist at Macy's SF yesterday and she said that they do tend to stretch out. And Joe's jeans run big. Joe's Honey is very unflattering for my figure.
  9. Joe's Jeans DEFINITELY run bigger than Paige jeans. I don't own a pair by Paige but I've tried on many pairs (since it's always a hassle to find jeans that fit). In the end I couldn't find a single pair of Paige jeans that fit my proportions (waist was HUGE, butt and thighs were too tight). Ironically enough I wear a size 25 in Joe's Jeans (honey) and it's a perfect fit! My normal size is 25-26 depending on how stretchy the fabric is. You never know until you actually try them on for size but as a general rule, buy one size smaller in the Joe's.