Paige in Khaki or Meredith in Blonde?

  1. I went today to put a hold on a Khaki Paige. When I got to Bloomies they had the Meredith in Blonde which I hadn't seen before. I was torn. I think the Paige is a bit darker and looks like it can take more of a beating. It also has more compartments...handy for cell phone, etc. But the Meredith is also beautiful and a bit more versatile looking...not quite as sporty. And it has a more secure close...Paige is partly open on top. Help...what to do...anyone have an opinion on how well the Meredith in Blonde will hold up ...I don't change bags frequently.:confused1:
  2. hmhm hard to say with all the problems with the new leather and the light blonde id be a little scared

    the paige is 100% durable i have no fear of that leather even in a light color with wilsons leather protector (i have to get some i havent treated any of my bags)
    but with that i think the paige could be new forever

    but the meridith id be scared would show too much wear,,,, with the new leather problems,,

    just my opinion
  3. I was thinking that the Meredith looked like it was showing a bit of wear after being in the store for just a few days...but it was pretty and versatile looking and I think the single strap would stay on my shoulder better than the double ones on the Paige...for now I'm having them hold the Paige. Thanks for your input.
  4. SDKitty...I think that is a good choice. I don't know if the Meredith is the same leather as the Charlie but if it is that would explain the early signs of wear it is showing from being a floor model.
    I think the Paige will be more durable for you.
  5. Thank you ladies. I think the Paige is probably the better choice for me...Forgot to mention - one of the reasons I was looking at other options was that I was afraid I was going to pay $500 for the Paige and then see it within a few months someplace like Off 5th for much lower price --whereas the Meredith is a newer model--less likely to have that happen. Is this totally neurotic?
  6. LOL sdkitty! It's not neurotic, it's scary the first time you drop this much money for a bag. At least it was scary for me. But the good/bad thing is, you get used to it! :yes: It's not nearly so hard for the second, third, fourth Koobas. :graucho:
  7. thanks Larsue for understanding. I think what really got me going yesterday was finding out that the bag was from prior season and then seeing the posts about the sample sale pricing on the bag. I should probably stay out of Off 5th and away from eBay after I purchase it. I bought a bag for full retail from Nordstrom last year and then kept seeing it posted on eBay for $100 less and it bugged the hell out of me. But I guess if you don't want to buy online you sometimes won't get the best deal.
  8. sdkitty - Seems like most things in life are a trade-off in some way or another.

    If you buy the bag, don't look back. Just think about how much you're loving it!