Paige denim question

  1. hiya i received my new jeans from revolve
    what i'd really liek to know is...
    it's very obvious i don't like the straight line.
    is it there cos it's new and does it go away over time??

  2. that line doesnt go away -its part of the jean..I like it cuz it makes your legs seem longer in a visual way.
  3. OH NOoooooooooooooooo:huh:OOOOOOOOO :wtf:
    but i find that it looks so unnatural
  4. supposed to make your legs look slimmer and longer. i have a pair i like it since i'm so short, every little bit helps!
  5. I love Paige jeans..LOL..I just bought like my 10th pair today...
  6. I wasn't so sure about the line either when I got my first pair but now I really like it... Definitely makes me look taller and leaner and I'll take ANYTHING in that department! Give them a try for a bit... You might just change your mind!
  7. it's supposed to be there.

    personally, i like it! many of my jeans are like that. and btw, that's a great choice of paige jeans!
  8. Paige actually calls it the crease like laurel canyon medium crease, I have had 5 or 6 pairs and they all had this crease. I think the blue heights is very dark and doesn't have it, but that is a skinny jean style.
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