Paige Blue Heights Sizing HELP!

  1. Hi! I know there have been various threads on this but I'm hoping a couple of you girls can just quickly answer my question...

    I'm looking to get the Paige Premium Blue Heights in Dark Clean and I'm a wee bit confused on which size?! I have the Earnest Sewn Harlan in 26 and it fits great but a little loose on the waist (I constantly pull it up!) so I was wondering if I should learn and size down to a 25 in Paige?? I have SFAMs between 24-26 and they are all lose (stretch A LOT!). I think I am really a 26 but should I size down?? TIA!
  2. Bump! :smile:
  3. I live in PAIGE jeans..However I wear a 28..LOL..(OINK!)....They run true to size.....If u wear SFAM..Id get the same size....I have like 14 pairs of Paige jeans..I only have one pair that I went down a size in(they are my SKINNY..On a diet jeans..LMAO!)
  4. Thanks!! These are skinny jeans so maybe gamble & size down then if they are a bit tight, they can be my "on a diet jeans"... hahaha!
  5. **SIGH**
    Fitting into the diet jeans makes my entire week...ROFLMAO
  6. My paige blue heights jeans also run true to size. I wear the same size in paige as I wear in citizens. They do not stretch out all that much but they are very comfortable.
  7. I love the Blue Heights they are so comfy & flattering! Got a few pairs including Dark Clean and they do run true to size.
  8. Some people find Paige to run small, but I find them tts and I stick with a 26.
  9. paige doesnt stretch nearly as much as sevens/citizens so i think i'd stick with the 26. i wear 23/24 in all the other brands but 24 in paige fits me perfect all the time, my fav!