Paige Blue Heights or Melrose?

  1. Hi Ladies! I love Paige and have the Laurel Canyon and Pico jeans. I was thinking about getting the Blue Heights or Melrose. Can anyone tell me how they fit in comparison with the LC and Pico? I don't want them to be too slim! Do they basically fit the same, just slimmer from the knee to ankle? Or is the entire leg slimmer? How would they work with muscular calves? Thanks for your help!
  2. hmm..I have found them to be the same. The difference being below the knee. Melrose is my is a straight leg...(14" ?).
  3. melrose is straight while blue heights is more tapered. the thigh part is the same.
  4. Thanks for your help! It sounds like Melrose might be the better choice for me.
  5. The Melrose is a great jean. It is a straight (not tapered) leg and is flattering and adds length to your leg. It is also a slightly higher rise than the Pico and the LC. In fact, I just bought the Melrose in the Lagoon wash and the Pico skinnies in the celestial wash. I like both, but REALLY like the Melrose. (and I also have a couple pairs of Hollywood Hills).
  6. I haven't tried page jeans are they any good for 'curvier' bodies?
  7. Yes, Paige is quite good for "curvier" bodies. My former work associate used to have a problem finding jeans that fit as she had a fuller figure, but once she discovered Paige, she was hooked. She has at least 7 pairs-Robertson, Melrose, Hollywood Hills and some of the limited wide legs jeans that some stores get and the Paige store in BH has.
  8. Thanks! I ended up ordering the Melrose, so I hope it turns out well. I'll report back. :smile: