Paid membership?

  1. Not sure what happened to the Paypal donate link that was up a while ago or if enough people even donated. I know I didn't-I intended to, but then the link was gone, etc.

    So, once again I would like to suggest that we offer a paid membership plan say for $25 a year and that $25 a year would get you certain features? membership would not be a requirement to post, you could still post and read for free, but, if you were a paid member you could get certain benefits-like perhaps being able to see thumbnails or sigs or AVs and other things like that.

    I know another huge vbulletin message board (Sybermoms), that operates just like that and it works for them. Just a suggestion since it is obvious that this board cost a lot of money to run and having money to come in would be a great thing! If even part of the board signed up for membership, we could have a nice tidy sum to use for the upkeep and upgrade of tPF.
  2. Here Here ! Tell me where to go and I'll do my part for sure! Thx, Nishi621
  3. Completely agree - think that is a great idea Nishi:flowers:
  4. I agree to this too. I would not think twice to pay to belong to this board and since people can still have access to it without paying, we are still open to the public. =) Perhaps the extra featuresc could include a larger inbox? :angel:
  5. I'd be willing to pay too. I've spent more time on this forum than any other place on the internet since I've joined. I am ususally on at least twice a day. I have no life... :lol:
  6. I agree with this as well. It would help the forum financially AND help the members guaranteeing less con artists.

  7. yes, that could be one of the benefits-I remember with the other board there were various benefits to being a member-can't remember them all right now. And, it still would be a public board-just with extra perks for people who pay.
  8. Sounds good, why not.
  9. I am obviously in the minority when I say that I think the forum should be kept at no cost to users.

    Although I can and will pay should a fee be imposed, I want to speak up for the members who may be accessing it through free internet sources like the public librairies. These are members who maybe cannot afford an expensive designer handbag but love to think and talk to others about the day when they can. This forum is also a great educational resource to the general public and assists people who have little to no knowledge of the products they are thinking about buying.

    There is nothing wrong with exclusivity but that all depends on the target audience and purpose of the forum.

    I am sure that Megs and Vlad would let us know if the costs of maintaining this forum exceeds what they are able to generate. If that should happen, I would be more than pleased to financially support a site where I spend so much of my time!

    Just my humble opinion... :flowers:
  10. i think the donate box should come back- not sure bout membership- but io guess its a good idea if you just get added benifits
  11. I can't imagine that this would be a paid membership only Forum.
    I think what some people are suggesting is that people who can and want to donate $ could maybe get a few extra perks.

  12. ^^^ I definitely agree with that! :yes:

  13. Werkin on it.
  14. Thanks everyone for supporting us... costs are expensive and as we grow (and you all keep talking) the bills get a tad bigger!! We are thinking about either offering a membership that would offer some perks or putting back the donate button- or both- or neither- or something else! We will see! But thanks for being so kind everyone!! :flowers:
  15. :yes: