paid for shipping via paypal, want to cancel now and get refund. how do i do this??

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  1. hello everyone,
    i paid for shipping to canada on 01/25 through paypal and then realized there was an undisclosed scuff on the bag (i made a separate thread about this). we've come to an agreement for a discount, but during this time i realized that even though paypal wouldn't let me add insurance for some reason, buying through usps does let me, so i'd like to do it that way.

    does anybody know how i "cancel" the shipping i already paid for through paypal and get refunded for that? i tried searching tpf but "shipping paypal refund" gave way too many results and the paypal chat thing is completely useless.

    thank you!
  2. I hope its been less than 48 hours, b/c once you exceed that, you won't be able to get refund anymore. You should do the search on Paypal directly -- it tells you on there. That's how I found it last time. If I remember correctly (paypal is down right now) on the transaction page, on the very bottom it shows your mailing informaton at the end of that information it should have a option to void out your shipping.

    If its within 48 hours you'll get the refund in 2 wks. If your pass the 48 hours just take it into the post office and ask them to add on the insurance.

    Hope it helps!
  3. yes that helps a lot! thank you so much. it's been past 48 hours, but i'm completely ok with adding insurance in store. are you sure that they let you do that on a postage you paid for online?? that's the only part i was worried about.
  4. Yes--they should. I've done it before (for some items over a certain value or to certain places they say you have to bring it in to add it on).