Paid for items after my suspension, what to do?

  1. I got suspended which I am still in the process of getting resolved :tdown: I paidf or a bunch of items and then got suspended. I emailed them to check if they had a tracking # for me since it makes it so much harder to communicate with them now. Hoever I guess because I emailed their paypal email address they haven't gotten back to me and its been 4 days.. I haven't received any of the items and I paid for it 2 weeks ago.

    Any advice on what I should do? :confused1: TIA!
  2. If it's been 2 weeks I'd file a claim with paypal
  3. Hi,
    when someone is suspended, it is still the sellers responsiblity to send items if paid for.
    To scare seller, tell them items are paid for, and your account along with your feedback, will be available and active agains soon, and it is very, very important that your merchandise arrives soon or they will not be getting good feedback. I hope your Paypal account still works, but their email is connected to the payment, and report to Paypal.
    Be sure to threaten seller a seller, if I receive payment, even if the buyer becomes a suspended, or not registered, its still a contract which you followed through if you paid them.
    Try it, and I hope it works.
  4. Thanks so much. I will try to email them again.. hopefully I will receive the item ebfore I get a chance to email.
  5. don't wait too long you have 45 days to file a claim after that your sol