Paid for item, won Paypal dispute, seller claims nonpaying bidder!

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  1. How is this possible? I paid for the item IMMEDIATELY after I won the auction and I have the receipt to prove it. Item was SNAD and I couldn't get the seller to respond, so I filed a Paypal dispute and then a claim.

    I won the claim and now the seller has claimed that I haven't paid for the item. I paid for it, returned it to them (delivery was confirmed) and now they are claiming I didn't pay for it!

    How do I contact eBay to settle this and prove that I paid for the item and won the claim? This is crazy!
  2. what type of dispute is it? is it for we have mutually agreed not to complete transaction? if so, the seller is trying to recoup their fees...
  3. Sounds like the seller is trying to get her FVF back. There is an option for the item being returned, but it is still under the NPB dispute console. It doesn't mean she is saying you didn't pay, but it's all filed under that same section.
  4. I responded with the Paypal information (who the payment was sent to and the date) and explained the situation, including the fact that the seller authorized the return and that they received the bag back (I have delivery confirmation).

    I am so angry I could spit nails! How is it possible for the seller to claim I didn't pay after I had to fight for over a month to get my money back on a bag they agreed to accept back??
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  6. It just says "Unpaid item dipute". It also says, "Buyer actions reported by seller: Other reason."

    I don't know how the selling end of eBay works, but why is it a claim against ME if they are trying to recoup fees? I PAID and then I had to work like h*ll to get my money back because they sold me a refurbished bag that they claimed was new!
  7. I know this must be very frustrating for you, but it's the way the seller has to file to get her final value fee back for the item being returned. Unfortunately for her to do this, she has to file a dispute in the dispute console. I don't think she is accusing you of not paying, she just wants the fee she was charged for selling the item to you back from Ebay. If she files it correctly, it will not count as a strike against you, nor should it.
  8. i agree, i just had a seller file a disput on me saying we agreed not to do the transaction and they had refunded my money. i replied that they sold me a fake, i sent it back and they refunded my money and agreed that we weren't completing the transaction and the dispute closed with no one receiving hits..
  9. So, it mean she reported you to eBay?? I affraid eBay will allow your crazy seller to give you NPB strike. It's better if you can post your PP claim ID in eBay NPB dispute she opened.
  10. ^^Isn't the Paypal information confirming payment enough?
  11. the seller wants her fees back and depending on what type of dispute she is filing, you will not get a strike. email her and ask what is going on.
  12. The seller is trying to get her fees back, it is the only way. This is why when I refund money I send an email explaining to the customer that it will be coming. Ebay should really figure out another way, you are not the first to get upset.

    What is the "other reason" she is stating? It should just state that you returned the item and that your money was refunded.

    You shouldn't get a strike, but I would make sure just in case.
  13. She's not disputing whether or not you paid. She is just trying to get her final value fee(the fee that Ebay takes when an item is sold) back. Why don't you email her to confirm this? As stated several other times, the NPB claim is the ONLY way she can do this. It doesn't necessarily mean that she is claiming you didn't pay. Ebay does need to change this, but for now she has to file a NPB claim and then when she closes the claim out to get her final value fee back, it gives her the option to state that you returned the item for a refund. You do not get any negative strike against you, and she gets her fee back. I really suggest contacting her if you are doubting this, but that's the way the system works.
  14. I agree ebay needs to change this process. All the buyer sees is Non Paying Bidder and doesn't want to cooperate with the process as they think something will harm their record. I explain that the email will be coming beforehand to the buyer and that it will not cause any negative harm to them but is the only way I can get my fees back and that I will select the option that we mutually chose not to finalize the transaction or whatever it is. No harm to buyer and I get my Final Value fees refunded. Unfortunately you are at the buyers mercy on this and if they are ticked off at you and refuse to do it the easy way the only option left if they do not cooperate is to select that you want to end communication with buyer because they are being uncooperative, leave a negative strike on the buyer and then get your fees back. Which I have been forced to do when someone had a serious attitude about the whole thing when all I wanted was for them to hit a button saying that we mutually agreed not to complete the deal. The seller will get their fees back one way or another...the easy way with your cooperation or the hard way....cooperate with the first scenario and you will have nothing on your record.
  15. Hmm, I haven't heard from the seller at all. When the non-paying bidder dispute came up I indicated I had paid. Even if the seller wants to be disagreeable, can they give me a negative strike if I paid and didn't do anything wrong? I'd be happy to "cooperate" but haven't been asked to do anything.