Paid for item and then listing was removed?

  1. Has this happened to anybody? I bought a pair of sunnies off ebay with BIN, paid for them through Paypal, and then this morning I got an email from ebay saying that the listing I bid on has been removed because of a third party compromising the original seller's account. Has this ever happened to anybody? Did you get your items in the end? Or did you have to file a claim with paypal?
  2. i wouldn't bet on getting your sunnies if a "Third party" took over the sellers account
  3. I'd e-mail teh Seller immediately. Also, did you pay w/ Paypal?
  4. This happened to me. I did get the item that was removed by ebay.

    Hope it works out for you. You should be fine since you paid with paypal.
  5. I ended up getting my sunnies, but they turned out to be fake!! They don't even look like the ones in the pictures!
  6. This happened to me w/ my fraudulent speedy...(see thread for more info) File a dispute w/ paypal (if you used paypal)...wait until the last day you can to file the claim. Keep the glasses as proof. Do not send them back. File a claim under goods not described. Also file a complaint w/ ebay as well. Good luck my friend...just went through this myself.:flowers: :crybaby:
  7. The suggestions are correct. As a last resort, if you are not happy with what eBay and PayPal say, file a complaint with your credit card. I had to do this once and I got every penny back from American Express.
  8. If you were dealing with the rightful owner of the account I am sure all will be well but if you bought from the hijacker.........not good. Hope you get satisfaction, let us know - please?
  9. ^^ I have filed a dispute with Paypal. I have to wait 45 days until I hear back from them. Honestly, I don't think I will get my $$ back because I did receive the sunglasses, even though they were fake.