Paid for Express, Seller shipped Priority :( What to do?

  1. Yes, it is possible to find another one, but I would like to solve this one first. Obviously, the seller won't refund me until he gets the doll back, and who knows how long it will take. I may wait another week and file an INR.
    DD just came up and asked when her doll arrives. :sad:
  2. So sorry to hear that:sad:
    I purchased an item also from eBay and sent from UK via royal mail to Dubai, should be arrived today 23, But Nothing.
    Very dissapointed, i called many times to Emirates post and tried to track my number But Nothing. The parcel have never arrived to Dubai..
    Now, i sent an email to seller via eBay and waiting for feedback..
    Let's see..I want my money back if i didn't received my package..
  3. Thank you, eroshery!

    If you have the tracking number, it means she mailed it Signed For. I would wait until after the weekend. They are a bit slow here after Eid holidays ;). Good luck!
  4. Yeah, I think so..Good luck for you too..
  5. Hi all again,
    DD birthday is tomorrow, but the doll is not here :sad:
    The last tracking update was "Proccessed through sort facility on August, 23d".
    I contacted the seller and he replied (!) that the tracking will be updated when it reaches UAE.
    Should I wait another week before filing INR?
  6. It's been 8 days. I am not sure after how many days it is considered a case with the postal services. I know here in the US if something got delivered priority and hasn't reached your place within so many days you can file a claim with the post office and they will try to hunt it down. Honestly, 8 days isn't really long especially international (so unpredictable)...I know it should have arrived sooner but with ebay/paypal you have 45 days to file a claim and I wonder if they will tell you just to wait a little longer to see if it arrives first before filing an INR.

    I know at this point receiving the doll doesn't mean much if it misses your DD's birthday as that was the whole point.

    So really up to you OP.
  7. Thank you for your reply, yoyotomatoe :smile:

    It's been 9 days to be exact and estimated delivery date according to eBay is August 23 - August 27.
    I got a reply from the seller and there was no explanation or apology. It was somehow even rude, like "If there is no update in tracking, it means it's on the way to you." Really?
    Regardless of the outcome, it will be my first negative feedback for a seller in 7 years of eBaying :sad:
  8. This seller seems to be uninterested & it's like the package was mailed

    now what would you like me to do..

    If you don't receive your item by the weekend, would consider filing an INR

    and sorry your item didn't reach you when you expected it....
  9. Op whatever you decide to do I hope it all works out. Keep us posted.
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    Thank you, hoshot and yoyotomatoe! There is still nothing today: I guess I will wait till Monday and then file INR.
    Thank you again! :smile:

    Edit to add that I just checked the tracking again and the last post reads Processed Through Sort Facility Aug 23, it does not say it Departed. Should I contact the seller?
  11. I agree with hotshot...if it doesn't arrive by this weekend I'd file too. Who knows, maybe it will miraculously show up and then you cancel the INR. But I would let the seller know you are filing a claim. I can't imagine your seller being very nice to you based on your previous posts, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.
  12. At least with USPS, it won't say "departed." "Processed Through" means that it was sorted and left the building. The next scan would then be whatever the next destination point is, probably the delivery address.

    Since this is going EMS, I'm not sure how it works in your country though. But it sounds like it has been handed off to the local delivery route?
  13. After it says processed through sort facility It normally would then say out for delivery based on my experiences here in the US.
  14. I doubt the doll is in Korea and the birthday is today but if there's something I can do from Seoul then let me know ;). I've been there and hate when sellers do dishonest things like that.
  15. Thank you, everyone for following up :smile:

    I contacted the seller again last night (there is 11 hours difference between us) and today the tracking was updated to Processed Through Sort Facility New York Aug 29.
    As a reply from seller I got a copy and paste of that line only.