paid for an item now the seller sells to someone else

  1. I bid on a LV purse last week. When it ended the reserve price was not met. There was another buyer outbid me by 10 dollars. This morning I received a second chance offer from the seller. I immediately buy it. The seller sent me an invoice within few minutes. I then paid for the item through paypal. The seller then refunded my money and said she has sold the item to another buyer who accepted the second chance offer. I suspected she sold the bag to that buyer who outbid me $10. This is really frustrating because I really want the bag. Can this seller do this? What are my options?
  2. ah!! that is frustrating! Sorry I dont know much about eBay but if you paid for it right away then you are the winner! Maybe there's a way to report her? Good luck!
  3. Ah I have heard of this before. Some sellers offer a second chance to more than one person and they both pay. I think the eBay system should only allow one second chance at a time. I would call eBay to find out what happened but I am quite sure it is this. Keep an eye on the sellers feedback if you are curious about what happened. I am sure something else will come up....maybe a better deal
  4. yes, i would say she sent out several offers and probably didn't expect 2 people to accept, i don't know if there's anything you can do about it, but at least you got your money straight back !
  5. yeah but what makes it more frustrating is that the seller sent me an invoice. she should then not sell it to someone else.
  6. I would report her.........sounds like she sent you an offer, you accepted/paid and in the meantime she sent another offer or didn't cancel the offer which was obviously higher and that person accepted. She prob didn't send the other person an invoice till they accepted. I think that's very shady, especially for only $10 more!
  7. I do think it's for only $10 more. I reported her, but I don't think it will affect her in any way. that's sucks. I was looking forward to receive that bag too.
  8. The second chance offer is for sellers who have multiples of the item. If she has only one item, she should only send one second chance offer. She should definitely be reported for non performance. The good thing is, for each item that sells (second chance offer), she needs to pay a final value fee. So in the end, it's definitely HER LOSS. She gained $10 but lost perhaps more in final value fees. lol.
  9. I agree with you! :tdown:
  10. How frustrating! At least she refunded your money right away, and while it does not get you the bag, you can put that $ toward another. There are so many scammers out there that would have kept your money too, so I would be happy to get funds back and leave it at that. JMHO
  11. yeah I do agree that she refunded my money right away. at least that makes me feel better. Just a little disappointed. But can't do anything about it. I think I just need to get over it.
  12. yup, move on and start hunting for another LV !
  13. Hey you are lucky you walked away with your money, keep smilin and look for another. Many threads here are talking about fakes, fraud etc....Yours was a nicer story...good luck in your handag search
  14. You'll find that bag somewhere else.
    And I agree, it could have been worse, so many scams going on on ebay lately.

  15. I am a seller and when a second chance offer comes around you can send to multiple people. It does not have to be that you have more then one of the item. I usually go to the next person from the winner and if they decline I just re-list. In this case I would ask Ebay to check what actually happened.