Paid ASAP..but no shipping?

  1. i bought a designer handbag on eBay on Sunday and paid via Pay Pal ASAP (like within 5 minutes of winning my auction.) Pay Pal indicated that the payment is complete....the seller writes me an email to say thanks and gives me her telephone # to call. I called her and spoke to her on Monday (yesterday) b/c I am actually leaving the USA TOMORROW to see my in laws for Christmas and I told her that I would really APPRECIATE it if she can at least drop my item in the mail (so i can have the confirmation #) before WEDNESDAY (tomorrow.) She said "no problem, as I am leaving on Tuesday to Florida, so I will ship it out this afternoon + give you the confirmation". We had this conversation on the phone yesterday......but I still have not received any confirmation! I know it is only Tuesday but I am a bit nervous bc 1) i ma leaving US tomorrow, 2) the item was expensive (good thing it is being shipped USPS INSURED) 3) my first time buying stuff on eBay!!! 4) i called her just now and shes not picking up! I am scared she left for Florida??

    Also, this is kinda different issue but before I bid on this item, i asked her if dust bag will be included. she answered YES and she also posted her answer + my question on this item's listing page..for everyone to see....And, now, after i had paid her, she told me on the phone that dust bag is NOT included b/c she has to run down to the LV store she got it from to get it??? I dont appreciate her backing down from her word! I told her then "why did you say it was going to be included" and she replied "well, i can get it bc i have the original receipt but if you want the bag to be shipped in time,i dont have the time to run to the store to get it for u..but u can walk inside ANY lv store and show them the receipt..they will give you a dust bag, no problem"

    sigh...the dust bag is like a secondary issue right now..I am just concerned about her not shipping my item! normally, i wouldn't care but this case is different b/c we SPOKE and she understodd my concerned about the time issue...sigh..what do i do???? please advise!! TIA!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I can understand that your first eBay purchase can be a bit nerve-wracking. be really honest, you might be working yourself up a little too much over this. It sounds to me from what you have said that the seller is honest, great at communication, fully intends to ship your bag ASAP, and also probably quite busy (is she a PowerSeller, or otherwise a large volume seller?).
    It's not just buyers who have out of town plans at this time of year, and she's probably just rushing around trying to get everything tied up before she leaves to spend time with her family for the holidays. My gut feeling tells me that she DID ship your bag and that she might have just forgotten to email you the tracking number/delivery confirmation number. The reason I am sort of feeling good about this seller is that she did speak with you on the phone and she was communicative prior to the auction--that is not the hallmark of a scammer, at least not in my experience as a longtime eBay buyer and seller.
    The dustbag issue: if you ask her to, I bet she'd send you one later on if you can't get to an LV store easily to get one yourself.

    I hope it all works out and that you get the info ASAP so you can relax, enjoy the holidays, and anticipate your nice new bag!
  3. Thank you CynthiaNyc for your reply. Yes, perhaps I am overreacting..hehe..Also, I guess b/c when she wrote that dust bags will be included prior to the sale, then retracting her words and telling me it is not included after the sale...that just added to my anxiety..and put a question mark onto this whole thing..

    anyways, I guess I will just have to wait. And I do pray that you are right that she is a reputable seller!!! Again, thank you for your reply!

    Merry Christmas.
  4. Check your spam mail folder.
  5. I agree with Cynthia, my gut feel is that she's already shipped but didn't have time to email you before she leaves for her trip. She'll probably do it the next time she has internet access.
  6. hi ladies..thanks for your responses!! and yes, I did check my spam luck yet!!
  7. Hang in there, she probably did ship your item but was just too busy and forgot to email you the tracking info. I am sure that it will arrive safe and sound
  8. hey guys, ok so today is the i dont think I am freaking out when I still have NOT RECIEVED THE PACKAGE!! I contacted the seller and she told me that she does NOT have tracking # bc she mailed it on the automated machine since the line was too the # she gave me was her receipt # for USPS. This is VERY irresponsible since the item is over 500 dollars and i PAID for insurance AND tracking .I explicitly asked for tracking in my emails prior to the sale and I also paid for it. Yet, she claims she does not have tracking #. What do i do???? Should I contact Pay Pal? It has been MORE than 2 weeks since I have paid her and I still did not get my package! And, she lives in my area! we live 15 minutes away (Driving) so its not like its across the country to mail!!!! please help me!!
  9. File a claim right away with paypal. If she cannot prove a tracking number and proof, your money will be refunded to you. I would file a complaint with paypal and immediately escalate it to a full-fledged claim.
  10. That really is irresponsible! What is her feedback like? I agree you should file the claim with paypal. Good Luck.
  11. keep us posted!!!
  12. FILE ASAP and escalate - She will then have to pony up to Paypal the proof that she shipped. IF she doesn't have tracking - she can't... She can show them the receipt from USPS but will still have to deal with the fact that you didn't receive the item and that is THE SELLERS RESPONSIBILITY. One of two things will happen. She will provide the information and your bag will show up or she won't and you will get a full refund. BTW if she INSURED the package it has to have tracking on it.
  13. this is very irresponsible indeed! definitely file with PP and she will have to answer to them and show proof. Good luck!
  14. You know, the dust bag thing kind of sent up a red flag as to the type of seller she is. Saying a dust bag will be included and adding that information to her listing... but not running down to the store to get one, when she knew she didn't have one... that's what I would do. Get the dust bag so I would have it when the listing ended so I could ship immediately, just in case the buyer paid immediately.

    I think that tells you what kind of seller she is. She'll get the item to you, but on her own schedule, she's not going to go out of her way for you.

    Sellers like that make me nervous, but I think she did mail it. As I said, she's not helpful and she's not going to inconvenience herself for you.
  15. Oh man, I am sorry to hear that this transaction hasn't resolved yet. :sad: I have to agree with the others who said that filing a claim might be the only option here--at the very least it might shake her into doing what she COMMITTED to do in the future. I can't believe she just decided randomly not to insure the package or put delivery confirmation on it. :cursing: That is SO WRONG.

    Ugh, what is wrong with some of these people who sell stuff on eBay??